Bali cellular shades

Bali cellular shades

Cellular blinds, commonly known as “honeycomb” blinds, are creatively layered at the pleats, forming cells that trap air. Air is a poor conductor of heat, so this construction provides effective insulation and excellent energy efficiency.

Bali cellular shades come in a wide range of colors that can be matched with various fabrics to complete and enhance your home decor. They are soft to the touch and sturdily constructed, giving your house outstanding curb appeal when mounted on your windows. But which is the best side of the window frame to mount your blind?

Most homeowners choose to mount their cellular window blinds inside the frame. Consequently, it has become a universal choice for many regardless of what type of blind is used. There are many benefits to an inside mount.

It presents a much neater, tidier and more organized appearance. Mounting a cellular shade inside the frame leaves no blinds hanging to the floor or appearing out of control. An inside mount allows for more designs and arrangements.

This is a convenient and visually pleasing way to combine drapes and blinds or other types of curtains. For instance, mounting Bali cellular shades inside allows you to keep blinds and grapes from becoming intertwined.

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Remember, a good blind should be energy effective! The mounting should reflect this quality, too. An inside mount is significantly more energy-efficient than an external mount, and allows the blind to lay closer to the window panel, which provides a better air trap.

On the other hand, an outside mount can be beneficial if you can’t mount your blind inside the window frame. If a crank handle is affixed to the inside of the frame, an interior mount will be impossible. Alarm sensors and shallow windows also preclude the possibility of interior mounting.

The structure and design of the window can also force you to consider an outside mount. For instance, your window frame might have a stylistic or irregular shape, such as trapezoidal, circular, or octagonal, among others. In this case, mounting Bali cellular shades externally is the best option.

Whether you choose an inside or outside mount, Bali cellular shades are a great way to give your room privacy and insulate your home from strong sunlight while you save money on energy costs.

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