cordless roman shades

Benefits of cordless roman shades

Cordless roman shades offer many benefits, including:


Safety is an important factor which should be carefully considered, especially when young children are present, an important reason for incorporating cordless roman shades into your decor.

The United States Production Safety Commission has devoted substantial resources to researching the safety benefits of cordless roman shades. They’ve found that cordless roman shades are quite beneficial. There are about 1 million roman shades produced by various manufacturers. Cordless roman shades are used primarily to replace cordless window coverings.

Easy to use: 

Cordless roman shades are very easy to use. They operate with the simple press of a button, or with a small grappling tab, enabling you to pull the roman shades in whichever direction you want.

Attractive appearance

Just as refrigerators are outfitted with faces that blend into various kitchen decors, cordless roman shades can fit in with a range of sleek design standards. From an aesthetic standpoint, they enhance the beauty of your home’s interior by allowing you to remove unsightly pull cords.

Improved performance

Traditional cords pose two major operational problems: kinking and tangling.  Without troublesome cords, roman shades function with a more consistently smooth, gliding motion.  This way, you avoid the persistent problems that come with “mega knots.”

Bahama Bamboo Cordless Roman Shade

Cordless roman shades are convenient to use 

The mechanism that controls cordless roman shades is mounted at the bottom.  This is convenient because you don’t have to climb a stool in order to reach the cords. In fact, the cords are partially dropped from the top of the window treatment. Consequently, you can install cordless roman shades in hard-to-access or high spaces.

You can expect to have much greater flexibility when it comes to natural lighting. If you carefully assess your options based on your budget, you can expect to find corded and cordless roman shades that match your personality.

If you have never tried cordless roman shades, you are sure to like their sleekness and ease of use.  They come highly recommended by countless homeowners, who have reaped their many decorative, functional and financial benefits.

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