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Benefits of sliding mirror closet doors

Sliding mirror closet doors are one of the best ways to enlarge and brighten your room. They are especially good at brightening your entry hall when used with your entry hall closet.

These closet doors are designed with mirrors that create an illusion of bigger space. Therefore, your room or the entry hall looks bigger when you install this type of closet door.

They come with a kit which makes it easy for you to install them, thus avoiding the cost that comes with hiring a workman to do the work for you. It helps that sliding doors are easier to install than the bi-fold version; in fact, you just need a precise sizing of the door opening and drywall jambs.

Compared to other doors, sliding mirror closet doors are affordable. Its cost ranges from a minimum of $70 to $500. In order to span your floor space, an 8- foot flat tall mirrored version can be used.

Types of sliding mirror closet doors:

Here are several types of sliding mirror closet doors, which are currently available:

  • Sliding door mirrored closet doors  – Doors from this manufacturer can be ordered or customized. These doors have mirrors which are in sailing to floor designs. Alternatively, they can be placed in several panels, and they are framed with steel or wood with various finishes.

Ram track mirrored closet doors – These doors have seamless edges, which make the closet look like a mirrored wall addition. Their frames protect the doors from cracking and are available in 19 different finishes. Finishes include ivory, brass and chrome, and come in white and gold. They also have ant jump mechanisms.

Kestrel mirror closet doors – This variation on the sliding mirrored closest doors possesses LEED features. These are mainly for maximizing the environmental benefits of combining glass and wood. With this type of closet door, mirrors are framed with premium solid hardwood. Kestrel is a type of mirrored door, which can be customized to match the style of your house.

Finally, make sure that your sliding mirror closet doors have a jump proof rolling mechanism. This will prevent the doors from rolling and causing cracks.

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