Choosing curtains for sliding glass doors

There is no doubt that a curtain is a very important decorative household item. It provides privacy and adds to the beauty of your home. Curtains can be used both in doors and windows, and are perfect for people who have sliding glass doors. They are easy to maintain and are much more aesthetically pleasing than regular blinds. This article is going will focus on how to choose the best curtains for your sliding glass doors. Choosing curtains for sliding glass doors

When choosing curtains, it’s very important to consider the size of the window space involved. Don’t select one that is too big for your sliding glass door. Rather, choose a properly sized curtain with a pattern that complements the whole house.

For instance, if you have vintage furniture in your house, you should choose a curtain with a vintage touch to go with it. On the other hand, if your home is modern or edgy, you might want to choose a curtain with bold colors. You can also add accents and stylistic flourishes to your curtain’s design. These might include whimsical features like fake butterflies to accentuate your curtain.

Curtains are very easy to maintain since they are made from clothes, so you only need to launder them once in a while. Unlike other blinds that can’t be replaced, changing a curtain is very easy and simple. Thus, curtains can be the best alternative for your sliding glass door.

We highly recommend that you use curtains for your sliding glass doors. Consult a guide to help you select your best options.  In this way, you can be assured of getting the best and most reliable information. Don’t wait, come and check it out for yourself.

How cafe curtains can transform the look of any room

Cafe curtains are back in fashion, and can be purchased in a wide variety of different colors, styles, and brands. They look particularly good when used in the kitchen or bathroom, and can add a striking dash of color and a sense of style to both of these rooms.

kitchen cafe curtains

Why choose cafe curtains?

Cafe curtains lend an elegant and warm feel to almost any room, and are preferable to blinds if you are designing a traditional interior for your home. When selecting cafe curtains for your kitchen, remember that a patterned element can combine well with work surfaces and kitchen units – they’re safe, durable, and cost effective. They are often used in restaurants and cafes because they are conducive to lighting, and enhance privacy. The choices of colors and designs are endless!

cafe curtains ideas

Purchasing cafe curtains for the bathroom can complement the color and style of fixtures such as your toilet, bath and sink. Unlike blinds, which are limited in their design, cafe curtains can transform any modern kitchen or bathroom space, and are easy to open and close. They cover a third of the window space, and there is a valance at the top of the window which is approximately 10 inches long. This allows the perfect balance of intimacy and open lighting, and it’s an excellent way to create a bright, modern, living space which can be enjoyed by the entire family.

cafe curtains

What designs should I look for in cafe curtains?

Since cafe curtains can transform the feel of any room, choose a colored curtain which best matches the rest of your interior. If you have a neutral color palette, perhaps with white and cream walls, consider a curtain that is light brown or off-white in color, which will help you create a stately and elegant living space. If you want a more striking look, consider a vibrant red or blue, which will help to make the rest of the window a strong focal point of your decor, and will beautifully frame any natural sunlight that enters the room.

cafe curtains look

Finally, select cafe curtains that are made from rich fabrics, and choose a matching valance, thus creating a sense of uniformity in your room. A white sheer cafe curtain can lend an elegant look which will impress the neighbors. Cafe curtains are also very cost effective and can be purchased online from a wide variety of sources. Pick a color and material which best suits you and your family’s lifestyle.

Choosing curtains for sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors are a prominent part of most homes, and because of this you need to pay special attention when choosing curtains for them. Whether they are installed on the terrace or near the patio, these doors provide you with plenty of sunlight for the interior of your home, which can keep your home from looking gloomy.

Since sliding glass doors are quite large, it may be difficult to select curtains that are well-suited to them, both in size/dimension and style. Since sliding doors are not available in uniform sizes, you may have difficulty finding curtains in standard sizes.

sliding door curtains

There are many ways to select curtains for your sliding glass doors. Many people prefer to use vertical panels for their sliding doors because they are less expensive and easier to use. There is a wide variety of curtains that come in different materials and colors, and offer great flexibility. These are ideal if you have pets that like to play with curtains.

When choosing curtains for sliding glass doors, you should decide how you want them to be tailored. Some homeowners prefer a large drapery that slides horizontally, while some favor curtains that divide in the middle. This preference determines the number of curtains you’ll purchase for your sliding doors.

sliding door

Color is another important factor because a lighter tint often works best for large sliding doors, since dark colors may prove too barren and under-nuanced. However, remember that a lighter tint will be vulnerable to stains and smell, and may require more maintenance. On the other hand, darker shades can fade quite rapidly when exposed to constant sunlight.

You can also opt for two sets of curtains, in which the inner layer has a lighter tint that allows sunlight to pass through, while the darker layer helps protect the interior of your home from excessive sunlight. This double set of curtains needs two curtain rods, which can be expensive but will help save money on your electricity bill. Harmful sunlight will be blocked during the summer, while this arrangement ensures greater warmth during winter.

Soundproof curtains

Soundproof curtains refer to a class of heavy duty drapes and curtains which can minimize noise. Soundproof curtains usually bear a strong resemblance to any lined curtain made from heavy material. They hang like any other curtains, and are suspended using hooks or grommet hangers. They generally come in different sizes, colors and patterns, as do normal curtains. Manufacturers normally include a layer of some dense material, which enables them to absorb sound.

You will definitely appreciate what these curtains can do around your home. They play a major role in the control of noise and echoes in your house. External daytime noises can be quite bothersome when you are attempting to concentrate, or hold a conversation. You can resolve this problem by equipping your house with these curtains.

They will also prevent echoing and other related sound distortions as you enjoy your movie.

Soundproof curtains normally differ from standard draperies in a number of ways

First, you can easily identify them by their thickness. Soundproof curtains will, in most cases, feature quilted panels about two inches thick.

Second, you may find that some of these curtains have some weights sewn into the bottom hem to resist movement caused by breezes.

Third, most of these curtains are treated, which makes them fire retardant. As such, they give you a safe option when used near fireplaces and other areas that may experience high temperature fluctuations.

There are many applications for soundproof curtains. To begin with, consider an industrial set-up or an excessively noisy place. To control noise from factories and buildings with heavy machinery, industrial soundproofing curtains offer the best option. Vinyl and PVC-coated fabrics are especially popular materials for these kinds of applications.

Residential soundproof curtains are lighter and more appropriate for home use. And they have better patterns and decorations. Residential curtains are mostly made from wool, cotton or twill, making them appealing to the eye while at the same time absorbing sound.

It can be quite challenging to select the appropriate curtain. Blackout curtains can be an effective substitute, but be careful to avoid purchasing materials that allow too much light to shine through. This means they are lighter, and also soundproof. Alternatively, you could order a customized soundproof curtain. This can be a costly option, though it will definitely give you the desired results.

Tips to window coverings for sliding glass doors

There are many ideas for designing window coverings for sliding glass doors. Each homeowner is confident about his or her ability to do the job, however, an expert in this field can offer superior solutions.

Hence, it is advisable to consult a professional about sliding glass door maintenance. These experts are adept at meeting the needs of the homeowner with cost- effective and beautiful coverings. There are many types of window coverings for sliding glass doors. Selections are based on individual preferences, which is why window coverings are constructed of high-quality materials.

Problems such as sunlight and weather changes must be overcome through the use of window coverings. Even privacy and security features should be taken into account when choosing a window covering.

There are many kinds of window coverings, including curtains, blinds, shutters, shades, boarding, and solar screen shades. The material used for each is based on the preferences of the customer.

Both interior and exterior coverings are available for windows. Individuals must consider carefully the quality aspects of available materials before arriving at a decision. The beauty of their house also depends upon the type of covering material selected.

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Beside quality, many other important features of a covering material are given high importance. If there is a problem after installation, the homeowner often has no other choice but to live with it.

There are many ideas available online, which can help the homeowner develop a design plan with minimal trouble. Many users provide wonderful ideas based on their individual concepts.

There are also highly effective energy-saving covering materials on the market today. These can yield substantial electricity savings by allowing sunlight to filter through. Energy-efficient materials are well-suited to these windows, which also come in heat-resistant material.

What are the best curtains for sliding glass doors?

In today’s market, there are a great number of curtains for sliding glass doors, so you can be sure of having a choice between traditional variants, which don’t go out of style, and rather sophisticated alternatives, such as vertical blinds of sliding panels.

Most homeowners tend to choose insulated curtains for sliding doors. They are specially designed from thermal materials and ensure reasonably high levels of energy efficiency.

This is why they are referred to as thermal drapes. During cold months, homeowners face increasing heating bills due to heat loss as the temperature outside becomes colder than the temperature inside your home. And if you have glass doors, you can be sure that heat will leave your house through the glass.

These thermal curtains will hold the heat, making your room comfortable during winter months and cool during summer months. These curtains have many uses and are able to maintain not only the proper temperature in your house, but also  your privacy.

In addition to these features, sliding glass doors enhance your room’s décor. Why not save money on your heating bills, over the long haul? This is why insulated drapes are the best alternative for sliding doors.

If you believe that this traditional variant is not for you, you can choose sliding panel curtains. They offer a number of advantages, including flexibility and precise control of the amount of light entering the room.

Wondering what’s the best way to hang drapes over sliding glass doors? There is an easy way out: purchase curtains, curtain rods and special holders. You can hang a rod on holders and then attach the curtains. As a rule, there are different ways to mount the holders, but it is better to choose the most traditional method, which is to lay it on holders and snap into place.

When it comes to ideas for sliding glass door curtains, choose the idea that best suits your needs, design and budget.

Types of curtain rods

There are many types of curtain rods and each one has its own means of attaching to the wall or to the window trim and hold only specifics kind of curtains. Some types of curtain rods can be very expensive, and this should be considered when purchasing your curtains if you’re trying to maintain a budget. If money is not an issue, you can completely change the look of a room with beautiful and extravagant curtain rods.

There are 15 types of curtain rods:

  • Shower curtain rod – A shower curtain tension rod works due to a spring inside the rod. There are actually two rods that are tube shaped. One fits inside the other. The spring is inside the larger rod and the smaller rod is pushed into it, which causes the spring to compress. When the spring is compressed, it puts pressure against both ends of the rod and allows it to press against the walls, where it is held in place.
shower curtain rod
Shower curtain rod
  • Double curtain rod – You can use blackout curtains on the rod closest to the glass and lacy or gauzy curtains on the inner rod, or you can use fairly heavy drapes on the outer rod and sheer on the inner rod. The idea is to give you privacy behind the lace in the daytime when its darker inside than out, and give you privacy with the heavier drapes in the evening and light-blocking in the morning.
double curtain rod
Double curtain rod
  • Bay window curtain rods – There are many bay window rods to choose from.  Crafted specifically for use in a bay window, these rods are designed and angled to perfectly fit a bay or bow window. There are single and double utility bay window rods, to decorative bay window rods.
Bay window curtain rods
Bay window curtain rods
  • Magnetic curtain rod – Magnetic brackets allow you to use this expandable curtain rod to cover a window or a steel door (or any metal surface) without drilling holes. Ideal for lightweight to medium-weight curtains, the curtain rod is composed of one center rod and 2 adjustable end rods, providing a balanced look. The magnetic curtain rod can also be attached easily to metal appliances for use as a towel bar. Made of heavy-gauge steel, it includes a bracket extension for conversion from a decorative rod to a sash projection.

    Benefits of the Magnetic Curtain Rod:

      • Easy-to-install brackets can be mounted 2 ways: magnetically or with screws
      • The magnetic curtain rod adjusts easily to fit a variety of widths
      • With the magnetic curtain rod, no drilling is required

Magnetic Curtain Rod

  • Spring Rods – Spring tension works when the spring and screw are used to create tension linking the rod and the wall. The spring, which is made of steel, is placed in the rod and it secures the tension rod into the wall.  Spring tension rods can be used to hold up shower curtains and window treatments in tight areas. These are easy to use because only one item is needed to hold up your favorite curtains. Spring tension rods can save you time and energy.
Spring Rods
Spring Rods
  • Swing arm curtain rod – You can use them on windows or doors, or as coverings for bookcases and closets; they typically require only a small space for mounting. The drawback to these rods is that they are difficult to find for odd-sized openings and they can be expensive. Unless they are made of high-grade material, they tend to bend under the substantial weight of a lined curtain. However, the savvy homeowner who is comfortable using tools, knows his or her way around the big-box hardware store and is armed with a swing-arm design from a drapery workroom, can make swing arms that function, can be painted to match one’s decor, and are much less expensive than custom-made versions.
    Swing arm curtain rod


  • Extra-long curtain rods – Standard metal curtain rods and many decorative curtain rods separate in the center, so you can decrease or increase the length to adjust to the window size. You can purchase a straight metal piece, known as a rod extension, that fits into the center of the curtain rod to create an extra-long rod. Some rod extensions come with a metal hook support that screws into the wall to keep the extended rod from sagging in the middle. You’ll need to purchase a support separately if the extension rod doesn’t have a support included.
Extra-long curtain rods
Extra-long curtain rods
  • Wood curtain rods – Just as there are different styles of curtain panels and window treatments, there are various curtain rod materials. Wooden curtain rods are ideal for spaces with rich wood tones, and with styles ranging from simple to handcrafted, which go with any decor. Hanging wooden curtain rods are just as simple as hanging metal rods and take very little time to install.
Wood curtain rods
Wood curtain rods
  • Corner curtain rod – A set of corner windows provides a panoramic view of the outdoors. Using specialized suspension hardware, dressing corner windows is simple. Corner curtain mounting systems include two expandable rods, two brackets to support the terminal ends of the rods and one bracket that supports the ends of the rods where they meet in the corner. While lightweight window treatments may be suspended by installing the mounting brackets using expanding drywall anchors, the hardware for heavier drapes requires a more secure installation. Corner curtain mounting systems typically include all necessary hardware.

    Corner curtain rod
    Corner curtain rod
  • Curved curtain rod – A cramped shower is uncomfortable, and it is never fun to feel a wet curtain stick to you while you are trying to get clean. A curved curtain rod solves this problem by opening up more room inside the shower. It curves out 6 to 8 inches beyond the position of a regular straight rod. A standard rod is usually 60 inches long, and a curved rod is 62 inches long, but standard-sized shower curtains fit wellon curved rods. Most curved shower rods come equipped with all the mounting hardware you need.
Curved curtain rod
Curved curtain rod
  • Outdoor curtain rods – Outdoor curtains come in many colors, patterns and fabrics and can be used to soften the look of an outdoor area or to protect those inside the curtained area from mosquitoes, other insects and overly curious neighbors. They also add ambiance and, if hung on the inside of a front porch, excellent curb appeal. Depending on how they are hung, outdoor curtains can be moved out of the way when you don’t need them. They are also cheaper than blinds or shades.
Outdoor curtain rods
Outdoor curtain rods
  • Decorative curtain rods – Decorative curtain rods add attractive style to any room, turning window areas into focal points. Finials, the decorative pieces on either end, are important components of curtain rods. Most rods come with them. If you have a perfect rod but dislike the look of the finials, create your own to give it a custom appearance.

    Decorative curtain rods
    Decorative curtain rods
  • Traverse curtain rods – A traverse rod is a heavy-duty curtain rod that is commonly used to hang pleated drapes. It has draw cords and a pulley system for easy opening and closing of your drapes. A traverse rod can seem like a confusing contraption for those who’ve never experienced one, but once you learn how to hang your drapes from a traverse rod, you’ll appreciate just how easy it is to use.
Traverse curtain rods
Traverse curtain rods
  • Round shower curtain rod – Curved shower rods look and install almost exactly like a traditional shower rod, but arc out away from the tub enclosure. This provides additional space inside the shower to accommodate bathers. While curved shower rods offer many benefits, you may decide that it’s time for a change. Removing a curved shower rod is a straightforward process. However, the wall will require repairs where the screws and mounting hardware were detached, which leaves holes.

    Round shower curtain rod
    Round shower curtain rod