Benefits of Refacing with Unfinished Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinets form a very expensive investment in your home. It is obvious that after certain number of years, these cabinets get spoilt and may look very shabby. It is very important for you to maintain the house and its looks. In the case of cabinets when they get many scratches or stains, you may have the feeling of going for a replacement. Continue reading Benefits of Refacing with Unfinished Kitchen Cabinet Doors

How to adjust folding closet doors

Did you know that many homes built today feature folding closet doors? However, when this type of door is used over a long period of time, opening it becomes more and more difficult. In most cases, they will go out of their tracks, which can ruin the functionality of your closet doors.

This often happens because the doors are not level. One of the best ways to prevent wear and tear is to level them, though this type of action can also affect bi-fold closet doors as well. Reading through the rest of this article will help you to adjust folding closet doors perfectly.

bathroom ideas white sliding

Begin by opening your closet doors halfway. Then, make sure you place the level on both doors. This will help prevent any tearing action that may occur in the future. You will have to determine which direction the indicator bubble is floating. This will determine how much leveling you need to do.

You can also open the door a third of the way. This will occur if you determine whether the bracket requires movement in a left or right direction. Again, be sure to check the closet properly and examine the top of the door. Normally, a bracket with a small screw on it will usually appear. In most cases, this will be a Philips-head screw.

sliding closet door

It is important to move the Philips screw so that the bracket can be moved freely. Take care not to loosen the screw too much. It should be loosened just enough to allow for free movement. Try tapping the bracket gently in the direction required to level the door.

Check your work by measuring a few times to make certain you’ve achieved the best level. By using this simple method, you can be certain that you have adjusted  your folding closet doors perfectly. Bear in mind that this process also work for bi-fold closet doors.

Garage Door Ventilation

Can’t stand the heat? Get ventilation!

People say that if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Well, you can stay out of your garage as much as you like, but your car has to sleep somewhere. Would you like to sleep in a humid, stale atmosphere that can reach as high as 110 degrees in summer? If you own a garage, you know what I’m talking about.

And the problem doesn’t just concern your car. Whether you want to work, delve into your weekend hobby or simply store your belongings safely, your garage will need ventilation. Garage door vents not only create a more comfortable environment, they also lower air conditioning costs and can be valuable in ensuring the safety and security of your home, especially if you’re storing volatile substances.

Garage Door Ventilation

What is garage door ventilation?

Garage door vents encourage air exchange between the garage and the outdoors. This lowers the temperature as well as the humidity inside the garage, while preventing the formation of mold, rust and eliminating unpleasant odors and fumes. It’s roughly the same as keeping the garage doors open, while maintaining, the privacy and safety of your space.

Things you should know about garage door ventilation

Garage door ventilation can be one of the most rewarding improvements you can make to your home. For that reason, you want to do it right. Many companies offer a variety of ventilation systems, including electrical, louvered or paneled, in addition to other highly useful features, such as built-in screens that keep out unwanted insects or animals.

The installation process is simple and you can easily do it yourself. However, you should keep in mind that cool air is heavier than hot air, be sure to place your garage vents on the bottom of the door. Finally, depending on the size of the door, you should use up to four vents to ensure smooth, even and steady air flow.

garage vent size

Vent size

You will need garage door vents that are at least 1/10 as wide as your garage door. Use two or four garage door vents so that the air can circulate smoothly. You also need to consider the size of ventilation hole. Be careful not to install a ventilation size that is big enough for an animal or snake to crawl through. If you want to use large garage door vents, you can install a filter inside the ventilation space.

Price: 30-200$

Price at quality garage door vents: 100 to 200%. There many sellers on the market.

French door window treatments ideas

French double doors open outward and add a touch of elegant beauty to any room. This is an excellent design idea for your home. French doors are multi-paneled and are usually made of wood. Exterior doors often open to a patio, while interior doors generally separate the kitchen from the dining or living room.

When French double doors remain open, the room is enlarged by connecting it to the secondary room. When closed, these doors denote privacy, while a visual connection is maintained between the two spaces. The doors can be dressed if more privacy is desired.

fiberglass french doors

The French door design is very popular with homeowners and their families. Rather than leaving them unadorned, without any treatment, many people  choose to use blinds, shades, or drapes for privacy and to reduce glare.

Bamboo blinds do an admirable job of controlling the amount of light in a room. Blinds are often placed on each door, and the addition of white drapes lends privacy and a clean, crisp look to any room. The nighttime view is very soothing when white drapes are added.

French door curtains

Roman shades can be raised or lowered the full length of the doors. Roman shades with stripes add texture and a “window within a window” illusion. Sheer drapes hang gracefully with individual hooks high above the door, while the fabric “pools” around the doors at floor level. The look is that of a very large window, an illusion that expands a room and enhances its visual appeal. Whether you add a classic, modern, or traditional treatment are all a matter of taste and should be done with an eye toward many years of enjoyment.

Wooden blinds offer a more traditional look and control the amount of light entering your space. Roller shades hang closest to the glass and don’t get in the way of the door handles. Solar shades reduce glare while offering a view of the outdoors. A sheer double shade invites privacy while filtering light between rooms.

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Take care to account for door handles when selecting a window treatment. Choose a treatment that doesn’t interfere with door handles or impede the  opening and closing of your doors. Window treatments that integrate well and do not hamper functionality are a pleasure rather than a pain!

A few other points to consider: blinds should fit comfortably between the door and door handles, so look for shallow treatments or shades. Blackout roller or honeycomb shades are both designed to block out the light. (Also, remember that your window treatment will hang from the outside.)

Window Treatments for French Doors

Shades should look natural and comfortable between the door and door handles. Using brackets will prevent shades from banging against the doors when they are opened and closed. Don’t forget that many of these treatments can be done by the homeowner as long as you’re careful to measure length and width to ensure that you purchase the right shades, drapes, or fabric for your door window treatment.

Finally, your treatment should complement your home’s décor, so bear in mind the colors in your house and how the treatment will enhance the space of your room.

Choosing curtains for sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors are a prominent part of most homes, and because of this you need to pay special attention when choosing curtains for them. Whether they are installed on the terrace or near the patio, these doors provide you with plenty of sunlight for the interior of your home, which can keep your home from looking gloomy.

Since sliding glass doors are quite large, it may be difficult to select curtains that are well-suited to them, both in size/dimension and style. Since sliding doors are not available in uniform sizes, you may have difficulty finding curtains in standard sizes.

sliding door curtains

There are many ways to select curtains for your sliding glass doors. Many people prefer to use vertical panels for their sliding doors because they are less expensive and easier to use. There is a wide variety of curtains that come in different materials and colors, and offer great flexibility. These are ideal if you have pets that like to play with curtains.

When choosing curtains for sliding glass doors, you should decide how you want them to be tailored. Some homeowners prefer a large drapery that slides horizontally, while some favor curtains that divide in the middle. This preference determines the number of curtains you’ll purchase for your sliding doors.

sliding door

Color is another important factor because a lighter tint often works best for large sliding doors, since dark colors may prove too barren and under-nuanced. However, remember that a lighter tint will be vulnerable to stains and smell, and may require more maintenance. On the other hand, darker shades can fade quite rapidly when exposed to constant sunlight.

You can also opt for two sets of curtains, in which the inner layer has a lighter tint that allows sunlight to pass through, while the darker layer helps protect the interior of your home from excessive sunlight. This double set of curtains needs two curtain rods, which can be expensive but will help save money on your electricity bill. Harmful sunlight will be blocked during the summer, while this arrangement ensures greater warmth during winter.

Sliding patio doors with built-in blinds

Sliding patio doors with built-in blinds are the best way to redesign your door area so that you can show off your landscaping and exterior elements without diminishing your privacy.

There are different designs, which range from modern to casual designs, to a more traditional look. The blinds are placed between the glass panels of these doors. Since they are well secured, they can provide a lifetime of reliability.

Installing sliding patio doors with built-in blinds gives you the benefit of ready access to the outdoor area of your home. The blinds for these doors can be encased between two glass panels, or fixed in front of the window so that the style can be managed easily.

These sliding doors offer you complete privacy and give you full freedom to incorporate different styles on your patio. Sliding doors also keep your home cooler by blocking sunlight, and it reduces the air conditioning needed to keep your home comfortable during the summer months. It can also keep your room warmer during winters by holding warm air inside your room.

These are excellent option compared to other alternatives, since it does not require cleaning after watering the lawn or after a rain storm. There are many options for designing these doors, such as bamboo shades for an updated or casual look, or a traditional Venetian look to match the décor of your home.

Sliding patio doors with built-in blinds are not only used outdoors; they can also be used in areas with lots of sunlight and plants, and it can also provide you convenient access to greenhouses.

Tips to window coverings for sliding glass doors

There are many ideas for designing window coverings for sliding glass doors. Each homeowner is confident about his or her ability to do the job, however, an expert in this field can offer superior solutions.

Hence, it is advisable to consult a professional about sliding glass door maintenance. These experts are adept at meeting the needs of the homeowner with cost- effective and beautiful coverings. There are many types of window coverings for sliding glass doors. Selections are based on individual preferences, which is why window coverings are constructed of high-quality materials.

Problems such as sunlight and weather changes must be overcome through the use of window coverings. Even privacy and security features should be taken into account when choosing a window covering.

There are many kinds of window coverings, including curtains, blinds, shutters, shades, boarding, and solar screen shades. The material used for each is based on the preferences of the customer.

Both interior and exterior coverings are available for windows. Individuals must consider carefully the quality aspects of available materials before arriving at a decision. The beauty of their house also depends upon the type of covering material selected.

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Beside quality, many other important features of a covering material are given high importance. If there is a problem after installation, the homeowner often has no other choice but to live with it.

There are many ideas available online, which can help the homeowner develop a design plan with minimal trouble. Many users provide wonderful ideas based on their individual concepts.

There are also highly effective energy-saving covering materials on the market today. These can yield substantial electricity savings by allowing sunlight to filter through. Energy-efficient materials are well-suited to these windows, which also come in heat-resistant material.

Where to find Emco storm doors replacement parts?

Emco storm doors make a great addition to your home. These days, many people make use of these doors. I would say that if you are looking to get an Emco door, it will give your house the feel and design appeal that you want. The Emco door, and its component parts, can be purchased at any department store.

Most major department stores will have them available; if you are looking for specific types of replacement parts, then you might have to look a bit harder.  However, nine times out of 10 you can find your Emco storm door parts at any department store.

When you seek out Emco replacement parts, be certain that you are getting the right one for your door so you don’t have to return them. If you know which one you need, it should be easy to find and you should have little trouble installing it yourself. But if you aren’t sure which one you need, or which one parts are the ones that fit your door, you can always ask a consultant at the store.

What are the best curtains for sliding glass doors?

In today’s market, there are a great number of curtains for sliding glass doors, so you can be sure of having a choice between traditional variants, which don’t go out of style, and rather sophisticated alternatives, such as vertical blinds of sliding panels.

Most homeowners tend to choose insulated curtains for sliding doors. They are specially designed from thermal materials and ensure reasonably high levels of energy efficiency.

This is why they are referred to as thermal drapes. During cold months, homeowners face increasing heating bills due to heat loss as the temperature outside becomes colder than the temperature inside your home. And if you have glass doors, you can be sure that heat will leave your house through the glass.

These thermal curtains will hold the heat, making your room comfortable during winter months and cool during summer months. These curtains have many uses and are able to maintain not only the proper temperature in your house, but also  your privacy.

In addition to these features, sliding glass doors enhance your room’s décor. Why not save money on your heating bills, over the long haul? This is why insulated drapes are the best alternative for sliding doors.

If you believe that this traditional variant is not for you, you can choose sliding panel curtains. They offer a number of advantages, including flexibility and precise control of the amount of light entering the room.

Wondering what’s the best way to hang drapes over sliding glass doors? There is an easy way out: purchase curtains, curtain rods and special holders. You can hang a rod on holders and then attach the curtains. As a rule, there are different ways to mount the holders, but it is better to choose the most traditional method, which is to lay it on holders and snap into place.

When it comes to ideas for sliding glass door curtains, choose the idea that best suits your needs, design and budget.

How to install the perfect dog door for sliding glass doors

Almost half of all homeowners have dogs. However, owning a dog comes with its own particular requirements. If you install a dog door in your sliding glass door, you’ll find that pet ownership is much easier. This type of door has substantial advantages for both owner and pet.

A key benefit is that you don’t have to worry about placing a hole in your sliding glass door. All you need to do is insert a built-in door that has a full-sized panel on the inside. This type of door is also portable, meaning that you can transport you pet with relative ease without having to worry about how to provide them with access.  Dog doors can also be locked, thus keeping your pet inside and out of danger.

dog door for glass doors

Buying the right dog door for sliding glass doors

With a wide variety of available options, choosing the ideal dog door may seem a daunting task but with a bit of research, you’ll be able to make the right decision. Dog doors come in different sizes, so your choice should be based on the size of your dog. Generally, dog doors range from 5 inches by 8 inches, to about 13 inches by 23 inches for big dogs. The sizing of the dog door should be done roughly two inches above the dog’s shoulder.

Doggie door for sliding glass

There is no limitation – dog doors can be fitted in many places and in a variety of materials, including steel, windows, wood, glass doors, brick and stucco. There are many kinds of dog doors that can be installed in sliding glass doors, so you should carefully evaluate the needs that govern your particular situation.

Knowing models, available product features, options and sizes can help you identify the dog door that best meets your needs. Materials will vary, depending on the habits of your dog.  For instance, a bite-proof door should be considered for dogs that are fond of chewing.

dog door for glass doors

There are many kinds of sliding glass dog doors that can maintain the safety of your home. There is a risk of home intrusion, so the dog door should be installed in ways that minimize this danger. They can be locked, swing inward or outward, or in both directions.

Pet Doors For Sliding Glass Doors Patio