Why you need a cat door for your sliding glass door

Are you a pet lover looking for a cat door to install in your sliding glass door? Then you’re at the right place. Many people presume that it is difficult to find such an obscure item.

The truth is, these types of doors do exist. They are designed to fit the needs of the pet owner who has a sliding glass door and seeks a convenient means for managing their pet. The advantage of these doors is that they are not just another pet entrance. Instead, they are well secured, energy efficient and possess desirable aesthetic qualities. They have greatly revolutionized the way pet owners view pet doors.

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As a pet owner, you need not worry about style and design, because a cat door for sliding glass doors is impeccably designed and styled. They are durable, attractive, and built with top-quality materials. Pet stores believe that these are among the finest quality manual pet doors on the market today.

To ensure that the door you select is ideal for your home as well as your cat, there are at least ten attractive styles for you to choose from. These also come with mounting options. Regardless of your cat’s size or age, you can easily find a cat door that fits your needs.cat door for sliding glass door


The cat door for sliding glass doors comes in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. They are also available in automatic, electric, or manual doors. There is also a secure pet entrance with a waterproof collar receiver, which you can program.

These options may be a bit more expensive than others, but in terms of quality they are unsurpassed. If you are looking for more affordable cat doors that fit your budget, you will not be disappointed.

If you want to give your pet freedom to roam and enjoy the outdoors, then this is the cat door for you. The cat door for sliding glass doors is the next big thing in the pet industry.

Benefits of sliding mirror closet doors

Sliding mirror closet doors are one of the best ways to enlarge and brighten your room. They are especially good at brightening your entry hall when used with your entry hall closet.

These closet doors are designed with mirrors that create an illusion of bigger space. Therefore, your room or the entry hall looks bigger when you install this type of closet door.

They come with a kit which makes it easy for you to install them, thus avoiding the cost that comes with hiring a workman to do the work for you. It helps that sliding doors are easier to install than the bi-fold version; in fact, you just need a precise sizing of the door opening and drywall jambs.

Compared to other doors, sliding mirror closet doors are affordable. Its cost ranges from a minimum of $70 to $500. In order to span your floor space, an 8- foot flat tall mirrored version can be used.

Types of sliding mirror closet doors:

Here are several types of sliding mirror closet doors, which are currently available:

  • Sliding door mirrored closet doors  – Doors from this manufacturer can be ordered or customized. These doors have mirrors which are in sailing to floor designs. Alternatively, they can be placed in several panels, and they are framed with steel or wood with various finishes.

Ram track mirrored closet doors – These doors have seamless edges, which make the closet look like a mirrored wall addition. Their frames protect the doors from cracking and are available in 19 different finishes. Finishes include ivory, brass and chrome, and come in white and gold. They also have ant jump mechanisms.

Kestrel mirror closet doors – This variation on the sliding mirrored closest doors possesses LEED features. These are mainly for maximizing the environmental benefits of combining glass and wood. With this type of closet door, mirrors are framed with premium solid hardwood. Kestrel is a type of mirrored door, which can be customized to match the style of your house.

Finally, make sure that your sliding mirror closet doors have a jump proof rolling mechanism. This will prevent the doors from rolling and causing cracks.

Benefits of sliding mirror closet doors Fort Glass Mirrored Closet Doors mirror biford closed door Italian style The Crystal mirror sliding closet doors mirror sliding doors sliding chrome mirror closet doors

Give your home a new look with bi-fold closet doors

Most people tend to believe that bi-fold closet doors contain panels that swing out. The truth is these doors have two panels that are fixed to the hinges, causing them to swing out. The door’s panel refolds, allowing the closet to be entered from either side.

No matter the shape or size of your closet, bi-fold closet doors can be tailored to fit. They are purchased in pairs, which is why they are called “bi-fold” and come in multiple colors and styles, so you can easily blend them into your home décor.  Flexibility and visual appeal make this a wise investment for your home.

Where to place bi-fold closet doors?

  1. Ideal for your bedrooms

Bi-fold closet doors can fit well into the design of your bedrooms. There are flat panels, mirrored, raised and louvered closet panels that can be perfectly fitted and adapted to the style of your bedroom design. Bedroom bi-fold closet doors are usually larger, due to storage space that is typical of many bedroom closets. Any of these bi-fold closet door styles can accommodate your spacing and storage needs.

  1. Ideal for any room in the house

Bi-fold closet doors need not be limited to bedrooms. They look spectacular everywhere, even in your kitchen or your home’s main doorway. Their size is readily adaptable to both space/size and location, giving you considerable design flexibility in any room.


  1. Mirrored

These are elegant and stylish, with a wide range of impressively designed bi-fold doors for any room in your home. These doors can dramatically improve the look of your home. Mirrored versions of closet doors are so popular in bedrooms that they are specifically designed for the bedroom. Installing bi-fold closet mirrored doors is a great way to eliminate the expense of a dressing table or room; you can use the mirror while dressing. These doors look great in the sitting room, dining room and play rooms.

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Elegant and functional window treatments for sliding glass doors, coverings and shades

Using glass doors in your home is definitely a great way to allow sunlight to permeate your home as you delight in the views of your home’s exterior.  Nevertheless, sliding glass doors can become unsightly if not correctly adorned with a suitable window treatment.

Luckily, there are numerous window treatments for sliding glass doors, coverings, and shades that you can choose from. Today, decorating your sliding glass doors has never been easier.

Here are a few fashionable sliding glass door window treatments, coverings and shades that will ensure your privacy and enhance the appeal of your home’s interior décor.

Curtains: This is probably the most frequently used window treatment. They can be used to conceal sliding glass doors, and come with high levels of insulation, which is important for moderating sunlight.

Frequently occurring light-blocking and insulation complications can be easily addressed with beautiful and well-designed curtains. These come in an array of  sizes, designs, shapes and colors. Therefore, you have the opportunity to select a curtain fabric that will complement the decorative look of your room.

Shutters: Today, there are shutters as tall as sliding glass doors. Inner shutters are a sophisticated and fashionable way of dressing up sliding glass doors. They may be a little more costly than vertical blinds, but their sophisticated and exclusive appearance makes them a popular choice among fashion-sensitive homeowners. They are usually made of wood, but today they come in a variety of sustainable materials.

Cellular Shades: Characteristically made from cloth paper, these shades are among the most elegant window treatments on the market. They are fitted on a track, and frequently come in a single piece. They stack gracefully to the right or left side of the slider, and can be made from materials with reflective edges, which are used to shield your home from excessive heat buildup and sunlight. The main problem with this type of window treatment is that it tends to be extremely delicate.

Carefully assess these window treatments for sliding glass doors to determine which one will look amazing on your sliding glass doors, and serve you well with superior efficiency.

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A review of the therma tru doors

Today, the building industry is undergoing many transformations.  These transformations have been facilitated by the introduction of various building materials, one of which has taken the building industry by storm. This innovation is called the Therma Tru door, and it possesses several features that have compelled house builders to specify them for their projects.

What are Therma Tru doors?

Therma Tru doors are a special brand of high-performance door that is ideal for use on almost any kind of building. They come in varying styles that cater to the customer’s tastes.  Most people prefer these doors simply because:

  1. They are of high quality

The security of your home is dependent on the type of doors and windows that are used. If you want to enjoy peace of mind, you should invest in high-performance doors and windows like those offered by Therma Tru. They have stood the test of time and emerged the industry’s leading security door. If you consult remodelers and builders, you will conclude that these doors have been justly received with praise.

  1. They come in various designs

Therma-tru doors represent a real innovation in the building industry. These doors have been produced with the customer in mind. The manufacturer understands that customers will always try to get something that is unique, and that is why it has produced a door that can suit the needs of any user.

  1. They are priced reasonably

No door can give you the same value as Therma-tru doors. They are truly pocket friendly, and the customer can be sure to get something that matches his or her budget.

According to a report released in 2013, Therma-tru doors are one of the most widely used brands. In fact, this brand has been used extensively since 2008.

Anyone who intends to own a house with high performing doors should consider Therma-tru. They offer true value because they are specifically designed to satisfy a combination of customer expectations. If you still have doubts, consider talking with someone who has experienced Therma-tru doors. You will be impressed by the reviews.


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