Number one kitchen design

Facilitating your home with a number one kitchen design can be the most rewarding gifts you can give yourself and your family.  As the heart of your home, your kitchen is where late-night talks, homework sessions, and casual celebrations happen naturally. It’s where memories are made.

Don’t worry, a number one kitchen design does not need to be large to make it a place where family and friends gathered. It is just taking the space that you have and making the most of it.  As long as your kitchen are comfortable and efficient and if a little bit of luxury can be added, then all will be better.

one kitchen design

But where should we start? The ideas and suggestions below will help you make that perfect number one new kitchen happen:

  1. Take a long look at what you have already and then determine how best to use all the available space in order for it to become your dream kitchen.
  2. Get a pen and paper then start designing your new kitchen; consider what style of kitchen you want and decide the color scheme
  3. Remember certain basic principles such as do not place the cooker too near to the sink
  4. Plan around an oddly shaped kitchen. There are three main types of kitchen shapes: the U shape, the L shape, and the G shape.
  5. Make a comfortable working height. It is hassle to climb up on a step ladder every time you want something from the top of a cupboard.
  6. Ensure you have adequate storage; either you need a display cabinet for any special china or you need a broom cupboard to store the vacuum cleaner and floor washing equipment. Make a list to ensure that you can store your equipments.
  7. Choose the right worktops. It can be natural wood, marble, or granite. Your budget will pay a big part to decide what to choose.
  8. Decide what appliances you must have in your kitchen. Naturally you will need room for a washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator and cooker, but consider the size that you need.

kitchen designs ideas


Make the right choices the first time around and you will have a kitchen that will put a smile on your face and definitely impress your family and friends.

Microwave oven combo reviews

For those who have home business in cakes, cookies, and stuff, having microwave oven combo would be very profitable for it can help you bake much more cakes and cookies rather than the single oven. Not only that, you can also have this kitchen appliance for home basis, for it will help you in cooking, especially during those special moments when you invite your neighbor or family to have dinner together.

ge profile microwave oven combo


This Electrolux 27” Wall Oven and Microwave Combination with Wave-Touch® Controls is one of the examples on microwave oven combo. This kitchen appliance will be a perfect help for you during Thanksgiving Day before your guests come to your house. By less than $4,000 you can get this microwave oven combo which features PerfectConvect³® in large capacity and also features Perfect Turkey® Button and Wave-Touch® Controls.

kenmore microwave oven combo

For the exterior design, this microwave oven combo has three different colors that can be matched easily with your kitchen decoration and interior. For the oven capacity, it can hold until 3.5 Cu. Ft., while for the microwave, it has 1.5 Cu. Ft. capacities.

KitchenAid – 30″ Built-In Single Electric Convection Wall Oven with Built-In Microwave – Stainless Steel can also be another example of microwave oven combo you would like to see. By this kitchen appliance, you can easily create delicious meals. The built-in microwave is featured with a turntable that rotates in both directions for even cooking. The lower oven has 5.0 cu. ft. capacity with three racks as well as 6 rack positions that are offered to make you have a flexible cooking space for a variety of cookware.

The electronic controls with a glass touch display will enable simple operation of oven and microwave functions and allow easy cleaning. While the 4000W broil element will give you optimal grilling results by its direct heat.

Plastic martini glasses for perfect party

Who says that we cannot have the elegant and classic party without crystal glasses? Instead of having trouble with the dishes when you have a party, this plastic martini glass will help you do the rest. This plastic martini glass is also perfect for an after work martini or even for a delicate dessert with your buddies or colleagues. When your friends bark in your house and start having party by themselves, you won’t need that many times to clean up for this one is made of plastic!

large plastic martini glasses for party

This Mini Plastic Martini Glasses – Case of 100 for example. They will be perfect for housing a home party during the weekend or some special occasion like New Year eve. For it is disposable, you can just deal with hangover without having the thought of long-time cleaning up. These mini martini cups each hold 2 oz so that you can fill them with some fun shooter to entertain your guests. Not only that, are that glasses also cheap!

mini plastic martini glasses

Fineline Tiny Temptations 6401CL 2 oz. Tiny Tini 2-Piece Clear Plastic Glass 120 / Case can also be another option for your home party. Only a little over $30 you’ll get 120 cups of plastic martini glasses for you to offer to your satisfied guests. Although it is made of plastic, doesn’t mean that it loses its posh and proper styel. This petite martini glass is ideal for specialty cocktails, sauces, appetizers, or decorative desserts and brilliantly combines the convenience of disposable plastic with the elegant appearance of glass.

large plastic martini glasses for centerpieces

Want to have more color? This Fineline Flairware 2306BL 6 oz. Plastic Martini with Cobalt Blue Base – 2 Piece 96 / Case will be your choice. By this cute little plastic martini glass, you will surely turn your own house into a nightclub! This plastic martini with sturdy cobalt blue base is ideal for bars, nightclubs and caterers who want an alternative upscale look for glass. Even, this can also be used for other purposes like dishing out ice cream and desserts.

Waterford crystal patterns

Waterford crystal patterns had been popular since years ago for its beauty and luxury. Nowadays, these kinds of patterns had been very vintage and classic that it indeed also adds glamorous feelings towards it. Waterford crystal patterns are used in many kinds of glass ware, from glasses, bowls, until vases. Waterford crystal patterns themselves, have many kinds of patterns that have their own dignity and luxury. Want to know more about them, here we go!

waterford crystal patterns identification

The first one is the Irish Lace. For you who want to have a sparkling celebration of an artistic tradition, this Irish Lace is the perfect Waterford crystal pattern for it is woven with fine crystal cuts. The Irish Lace Vase has been treasured for its delicate exquisite beauty inspired by the designs of Irish lace. The complex pattern of diamond cuts exudes sparkle, fan cuts and crisscross wedge cuts celebrate the artistry of lace making.

Want to know the most enduring crystal-cut in history? Lismore it is. Lismore has been Waterford’s most loved collection for its beauty and elegance. This Waterford crystal pattern has been over 60 years for it is first launched in 1952 in which this is the only one remained design from that period.

Waterford Kildare Stemware

Most girls would likely to love this Irish Colleen Waterford crystal pattern for it holds a charm as bewitching and as magical as fair as girl’s loveliness. Colleen is a striking collection of classic, stylish pieces that resonate with all the tradition, authenticity and heritage of Waterford for it is distinctive in its olive and diamond cuts. This Colleen Waterford crystal pattern is best suited for any seductive perfume bottle that will add a more seductive feeling towards it.

waterford crystal patterns 1960s

Colleen, The Gaelic word for young lass, is often heard in tender ballads, sweetly sung by Irish tenors at taverns the country over. Colleen also has the richness of paneled walls and opulent interiors – there is a special Luminescence to this cut. The intricate diamond cutting is offset by gracefully fluted ovals, with a close diamond pattern on the buttoned stem.

How to install under counter microwave?

Living in a small house doesn’t mean that you have to do without all of the things you need to live comfortably.  Today, an under-counter microwave not only saves space in your kitchen, it can also add to your kitchen design.   For those who live in a small apartment or studio, this under-counter microwave will be a great help in managing your small-sized kitchen. But how do you install one?under counter microwave cabinet

To begin with, make sure you have all of the tools you’ll need for this task. You will need a pencil, tape measure, drill with 3/16 and 3/8 inch bits, a screwdriver, mounting kit and, of course, the one and only microwave.

The first step is to attach the template to the cabinet. Mark the center of your installation area using a tape measure. After that, align the center of your microwave template with the one you’ve marked. Then, tape the cabinet template to the underside of your kitchen’s cabinet.

under counter microwave oven

Next, secure the mounting plate. Mark the four holes at the corners, then mark one of the bottom holes that align with a wall stud. Make sure that the mounting plate is secured into at least one stud. Use a 3/16 inch bit for lag screws or 3/8 inch bit for toggle screws. Hold the mounting plate against the back wall, aligning it with the center line, and secure the plate to the wall..

under counter microwave drawer

The final and most important step is installing the microwave. Drill 3/8 inch holes where indicated in the under-cabinet template, and bore a 2 inch hole where instructed for the power-supply cord. Then, lift the microwave oven, hang it on the support tabs at the bottom of the mounting plate and feed the power cord through the hole. Finally, tighten screws in the upper cabinet holes until the gap between the microwave and cabinet is closed.

Tips when choosing the best entryway furniture ikea

In the past, people have never known the tips that they should possess when buying entryway furniture ikea from the market. This has made many of them to make wrong choices within the market. Here are the tips that should help you make the best choice:

Look at the reputation of the company 

You should always make sure that you look at the reputation of the company selling the entryway furniture ikea in the market before you can buy from them. How should you do this? You should make sure that you read the reviews of the customers who have ever buy from them before making that decision of buying from them. Through this, you should get some of the best facts that should help you make the best choice whenever you are buying from the market. You should never buy from the market when the company enjoys low reputation in the market.

You should know the cost when buying entryway furniture ikea.

Many people often lose money when buying due to lack of comparing the prices from the different companies in the market before making that choice. When you analyze and do your analysis, you will get more information about the prices that should help you make an informed choice through the buying process.

entryway furniture ikea idea

Seek help from home experts

If you lack ideas that you can apply to make an informed choice, then you need to ask for help from the health experts within the market. Since they have the skills and experience, they should help you make an informed choice when buying from the shopping outlets. You should also make sure that the home experts have experience in the field before making that important choice.

In conclusion, using this simple guide should assist you in the process of buying high quality entryway furniture ikea from the market at the best price.

How to save money repairing a clogged kitchen sink

To avoid regular repairs, take care of your kitchen sink by not depositing food remains and dirty water in the sink when washing your utensils. When you are finished washing up, clean the sink thoroughly by rinsing it with clean water and disinfectant to kill germs and remove oily substances that can block water flow through the system. Ensure that water flows smoothly through the system.

unclog Clogged Kitchen Sink

Seek out expert information before repairing your sink

In order to save money when having a clogged kitchen sink repaired, select a company that charges pocket-friendly rates and specializes in this type of repair.  Some experts are simply too busy and don’t have to give you the level of service you deserve in the shortest time possible.

Use quality materials when repairing a clogged kitchen sink

Use quality materials that don’t wear out easily and that last longer in order to avoid frequent repairs and wasting a lot of money. You’ll save time if you seek out experts for advice about regularly unclogging your sink.  You’ll avoid back-ups and the bad smells that invariably result from a clogged sink.

 Hire experts who offer a warranty after repairing a clogged kitchen sink

It’s a good idea to hire expert repair professionals to repair a clogged kitchen sink, particularly those who offer a warranty because if it clogs again, they will repair it free of charge. This can save you the cost of paying for multiple repairs. You can make minor repairs yourself in order to save money. You can buy materials from your local hardware store and make repairs yourself, as long as the repair doesn’t require too much technical know-how.

The importance of pantry shelving plans for your kitchen

You should select pantry shelves based on your storage requirements. They  provide ample storage area in your kitchen if it is small in size. This is the best place to store your perishable and non-perishable goods.

Pantry shelving plans can make your storage system more effective, allowing you to find your goods easily and maintain them properly to avoid damage. It is very important to design your pantry shelves in a way that maximizes convenience, since you will use it on an everyday basis.

Pantry shelving plans diy

It’s also very important to design your kitchen beautifully, since it is one of the most important areas of your home, a place for food preparation, dining, socializing, and more.  These shelves should be designed with ease of use in mind, and with careful consideration for your kitchen’s size and shape to make the most of its utility.

Remember that kitchen shelves should help you maximize storage space and utilize every part of your kitchen. They should help you avoid the messiness and clutter that kitchens can easily fall prey to by using every available space in your kitchen to the fullest. This is the best way to reorganize your kitchen and for storing items you use every day. You can even customize your pantry shelves to your individual taste, preference and style.

Traditional Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Ideas

Select wood that’s readily available in different varieties, like pine, bamboo, maple, fiber and oak. These wooden units can help you enhance your storage system and enhance the visual appeal and beauty of your home.