Pole barn house plans for different structures

Pole barn house plans are commonly used in rural areas, where one is more likely to find nice cottage, hunting cabin or nice country home designs. Most of these structures are not based on a foundation, since you can just pour a slab then build on the rest of the building. This type of house plan always features many windows.

Types of pole barn house plans

Pole barn houses are not necessarily used as homes. The initial plan can be created so that the owner may use it for multiple purposes. Here are some typical uses for a pole barn house.

Agricultural pole barn house

Designing a pole barn house plan for agricultural use requires the owner to account for storage space, since this is where tools, equipment and other farming/gardening implements will be kept. Also, the house must be built so that rodents and other vermin cannot enter and do costly damage.

Pole Barn House Plans


Residential pole barn house

This type of design must be done carefully and in extensive detail, particularly if people will be living in the house for an extended period of time. You can also design a pole barn structure that serves as a garage.

Pole barn shelters

A pole barn shelter is designed so that users have ample space when they just need to relax outside. You’ll often find these kinds of shelters in places where people like to have picnics.

Pole barn storage sheds

These are different from agricultural sheds because most of the time they are constructed with metal. Oftentimes, users will store objects they don’t necessarily need in this type of pole barn structure.

Though similar, each plan is slightly different in terms of construction and purpose. Remember that a house pole barn plan must be more concrete than other variations.