Bali cellular shades

Cellular blinds, commonly known as “honeycomb” blinds, are creatively layered at the pleats, forming cells that trap air. Air is a poor conductor of heat, so this construction provides effective insulation and excellent energy efficiency.

Bali cellular shades come in a wide range of colors that can be matched with various fabrics to complete and enhance your home decor. They are soft to the touch and sturdily constructed, giving your house outstanding curb appeal when mounted on your windows. But which is the best side of the window frame to mount your blind?

Most homeowners choose to mount their cellular window blinds inside the frame. Consequently, it has become a universal choice for many regardless of what type of blind is used. There are many benefits to an inside mount.

It presents a much neater, tidier and more organized appearance. Mounting a cellular shade inside the frame leaves no blinds hanging to the floor or appearing out of control. An inside mount allows for more designs and arrangements.

This is a convenient and visually pleasing way to combine drapes and blinds or other types of curtains. For instance, mounting Bali cellular shades inside allows you to keep blinds and grapes from becoming intertwined.

contemporary cellular shades

Remember, a good blind should be energy effective! The mounting should reflect this quality, too. An inside mount is significantly more energy-efficient than an external mount, and allows the blind to lay closer to the window panel, which provides a better air trap.

On the other hand, an outside mount can be beneficial if you can’t mount your blind inside the window frame. If a crank handle is affixed to the inside of the frame, an interior mount will be impossible. Alarm sensors and shallow windows also preclude the possibility of interior mounting.

The structure and design of the window can also force you to consider an outside mount. For instance, your window frame might have a stylistic or irregular shape, such as trapezoidal, circular, or octagonal, among others. In this case, mounting Bali cellular shades externally is the best option.

Whether you choose an inside or outside mount, Bali cellular shades are a great way to give your room privacy and insulate your home from strong sunlight while you save money on energy costs.

Benefits of cordless roman shades

Cordless roman shades offer many benefits, including:


Safety is an important factor which should be carefully considered, especially when young children are present, an important reason for incorporating cordless roman shades into your decor.

The United States Production Safety Commission has devoted substantial resources to researching the safety benefits of cordless roman shades. They’ve found that cordless roman shades are quite beneficial. There are about 1 million roman shades produced by various manufacturers. Cordless roman shades are used primarily to replace cordless window coverings.

Easy to use: 

Cordless roman shades are very easy to use. They operate with the simple press of a button, or with a small grappling tab, enabling you to pull the roman shades in whichever direction you want.

Attractive appearance

Just as refrigerators are outfitted with faces that blend into various kitchen decors, cordless roman shades can fit in with a range of sleek design standards. From an aesthetic standpoint, they enhance the beauty of your home’s interior by allowing you to remove unsightly pull cords.

Improved performance

Traditional cords pose two major operational problems: kinking and tangling.  Without troublesome cords, roman shades function with a more consistently smooth, gliding motion.  This way, you avoid the persistent problems that come with “mega knots.”

Bahama Bamboo Cordless Roman Shade

Cordless roman shades are convenient to use 

The mechanism that controls cordless roman shades is mounted at the bottom.  This is convenient because you don’t have to climb a stool in order to reach the cords. In fact, the cords are partially dropped from the top of the window treatment. Consequently, you can install cordless roman shades in hard-to-access or high spaces.

You can expect to have much greater flexibility when it comes to natural lighting. If you carefully assess your options based on your budget, you can expect to find corded and cordless roman shades that match your personality.

If you have never tried cordless roman shades, you are sure to like their sleekness and ease of use.  They come highly recommended by countless homeowners, who have reaped their many decorative, functional and financial benefits.

Custom Roman Shades, Made Exclusively For You!

Due to the rising demand for custom roman shades, there is an extensive variety of designs available in the market. Individuals can experiment with different fabrics, colors and styles to suit very specific tastes. Whereas some prefer to purchase from readily available selections, other people like to find something special for their homes.

Why should you choose Custom Roman Shades?

When individuals are buying clothes for themselves, they tend to be very specific about fit, color and style, among other things. They want to buy something that complements their personality and fits well with their identity. Why then should you follow a “one-size-fits-all” method when dressing up your windows? In any case, each and every home has its unique requirements, and so does every window in your house.

You must make sure that the shades match the color of your walls and complements the overall interior design. Sunlight also differs from room to room, and your shade will need to complement that as well. Custom roman shades, which are designed specifically according to an individual’s taste, are intended to help you account for all these factors.

Custom Roman Shades

How can you customize your shades?

Today, there are many services, both online and through conventional means, available to help you customize your window shades.  They can help you choose the correct fabric or texture for your house or office, and a measuring guide will guarantee that your window shades fit your windows perfectly.

There are various styles of custom roman shade, including pleated, tulip, flat, cascade and relaxed, among others. You can select styles based on your aesthetic and practical requirements.

You can also improve your insulation when you customize your shades with the help of extra block-out lining. If you want to beat the summer heat, you can also look for sunlight obstructing cellular shades. In addition to fabrics, you can also opt for bamboo roman shades.

Custom Roman Shades1

A custom roman shade, specifically tailored for you, can give your window a special touch at a nominal extra cost. You can also seek help from experts, as long as you can afford their services. These professionals will help you design a shade for each and every window in your home, thus giving each a distinctive character.

These shades will complement your décor design while meeting your functional needs. You can go with one particular custom roman shade design, or combine it with drapes and curtains. Let your window be an extension of your personality!

Custom Roman Shades2

Understanding the advantages of motorized shades

We’re always looking for ways to make our homes more appealing, and it’s customary to look for great home decorating ideas to make that possible, even on a budget. When it comes to styling your home, don’t forget to add a flourish with cool shades or blinds. Remember that it’s better to use motorized shades or blinds than traditional curtains or blinds.

Are you familiar with motorized shades? They are actually window shades attached to a power motor, and they can give your home’s windows a whole new sophisticated and modern look. If you want to modernize your home with the latest technological options, why not use motorized shades and give your house a brand new modern look? These hi-tech shades are ideal for large windows, multiple windows along a single wall, skylights, or windows blocked by furnitures.


Before you decide to buy motorized shades for your home, find out the many benefits this modern convenience can provide.


Motorized shades work for all kinds of windows, which adds to their convenience and saves you considerable effort over time by raising and lowering shades automatically.


Motorized shades come with timer lights or other form of automation, which can discourage thieves from breaking into your house. In this way, you can automate your shades to raise or lower at set times – whether you are home or away.


Motorized shades are especially beneficial for protecting your home’s interior. They can also help safeguard your furniture from being damaged by the sun’s rays.

Conserves energy

When the sun’s rays are at their strongest during the summer, the air gets hot outside and inside, which may become a problem for your air conditioning system. Motorized shades can slash your heating costs and save wear and tear on your  air conditioning unit.

Clean and organized look without tassels or cords

Since motorized shades are remotely controlled, there are no wires, tassels, or control cords hanging along the side of the window, or bunched up on the floor, which can be unsightly and detracts from a room’s appearance.

Safe for Children

Removing cords from the reach of children helps prevent accidents, which is important in any home. Motorized shades can even be programmed to function based on your children’s sleeping times.


Motorized shades can give your entire room tremendous visual impact, especially if you’re into a sleek, modern or contemporary style. Automation also keeps the shades in one position, within which they move fluidly and quietly.

Mecho shades for everywhere

Mecho Shades offer tremendous energy savings, and they are very effective at protecting you and your home from the damaging effects of excessive sunlight. As such, they improve interior environments by moderating the use of natural light, working in harmony with windows and doors throughout your home.

Mecho Shades

Darkening roller screens and visually transparent systems are well-integrated and make Mecho shades among the very best in the world at solar protection. Mecho shades produce tremendous results, whether you need a mechanical window alignment system for a veiling wall, a manual chain driver shade, a multi-zone shading control system for an entire office or apartment, or a fully computerized tracking system for an entire building.

Mecho shades ideas

Mecho shade systems have been used for more than 50 years and are notable as the number one innovator in room darkening solutions, and as an automated solar control system. This system is now used all over the world, in giant office buildings as well as modest-sized homes. It is an inexpensive and productive means of managing an important aspect of interior environment, which is often overlooked.

Cellular Shades Lowes

Cellular shades lowes, which are extremely popular these days, are basically shades used to guard windows from excessive light, dust and other unwanted substances from entering the room. These shades come in various qualities and colors.

The structures of such window shades are formed according to the shape of the windows on which they will be used. Often these shades provide excellent insulation so that comfortable temperatures can be maintained inside without making the room too hot or too cold. They help prevent outer air from freely entering the room.

Cellular shades lowes are affordable and can be installed by people at all levels of society. There are nearly 200 fabric choices for this type of window shade, which the customer can choose according to project requirements and personal preference.

User-friendly Web sites help homeowners select and install these shades with relative ease. These online resources provide exhaustive information about color, texture, fabric, cost and availability. Take care to check specific details before ordering to avoid any potential misunderstanding.

Various advantages are associated with these cellular shades lowes. These window shades are efficient, fashionable and ingenious. The shading solution provided by it is energy efficient. This is an added advantage which is not present on all types of window shades.

Cellular Shades Lowes


Fabrics used to make these shades are both stylish and of good quality. Thus the customer is assured of getting top-quality shades that will last a long time. The homeowner can expect to protect his or her privacy thanks to these wonderfully useful and appealing shades.

Cellular shades lowes come in different levels of opacity, such as light filtering, room darkening, sheer light level and others. They are mostly cordless, which  helps keep both children and pets safe.

These cellular shades come with a variety of warranty options, depending on the type and color of the window shade selected. The customer reviews and feedback should be thoroughly checked before ordering these products so that the best type can be selected from the wide variety that is available.

Five benefits of Insola Chatham Roman Shades

Insola Chatham Roman Shades come with many features and a variety of colors. Here are some reasons why these shades can be the perfect addition to any interior window.

1. They can help save money on energy and heating bills

These Insola Chatham shades feature a revolutionary cordless head rail, and are backed by thermal insulation with a cellular fabric-designed back. Consequently, they provide not one, but two layers of insulation, which can help conserve energy. You will certainly notice a reduction in your heating bills.

Insola Chatham Roman Shades

  1. They help eliminate outside noise and light

One of the most beneficial features of these Chatham shades is their ability to  reduce noise and light from outside, transforming your room into a quiet living space.

3. Insola Chatham Roman Shades are easy to install

Chatham shades can be installed easily and quickly on any interior window. Brackets for either an outside or inside mount come with the installation kit. It doesn’t matter if you lack even the most basic home improvement skills: these shades are simple to install, and are sure to brighten any drab living space.

roman shades big

4. They are stylish

The Insola Chatham Roman Shades include an attached valance, which adds to your décor and enhances the style of any living space, and can cover the head rail if it is unsightly. Select a color that best fits the color palette in your room.

5. Insola Chatham Roman Shades are easy to clean

The shades are extremely easy to clean, and can either be dusted or cleaned with a vacuum.

Other features

They also include a cordless, child-proof head rail. All cords are enclosed in the fabric, which is on the back of the shade. These Roman shades can purchased in a variety of colors, and each one is 64 inches in length.

Why should you buy burlap roman shades?

Burlap roman shades come in numerous classifications, including scratchy, marginally fragrant and silk burlap, which is beautiful and refined.

It is radiantly textural, reliable, and can look incredible when adding a note of familiarity to a design element or composition. It also lends an air of funk to a smooth present day design, and can be made into traditionally styled full drapery; it adds extraordinary refinement to an otherwise provincial interior.

I suppose, assuming that you’d wash burlap in a machine, press it and line it, it’s absolutely an exceptional choice for Roman blinds in the event that you need something compositional in an impartial shade. I like how it looks, however, I’d rather have someone else do the work!

I really adore the look of burlap roman shades; I cherish the composition. They can complement the most rural ornamentation, as well as the most refined. I’ve looked at shade and fabrics quite extensively, and I have a huge amount of burlap that I purchased for an alternate venture. As a result, I might want to make roman shades for my room windows.

I suppose I may likewise include long and extremely short bars on the either side of every window with long boards that reach to the floor. It is possible that the long boards might be wrapped in burlap or an alternate fabric. I need to add a lot of surface to the room. Does anybody have any photographs or burlap drapes? I know my style is not precisely standard, but I might want to see any plans that are out there.

Plain burlap roman shades also are very adaptable to color, provided that you improve the plain string shade with something a touch pricier.

We cooked shellfish in an open air structure a few years ago for wedding, and utilized huge squares of burlap which we bordered, washed, and colored a rich red-gold-tan as overlays on all of the tables…the centerpieces were stirred buckets loaded down with cut limbs of magnolia foliage…it all looked breathtaking, Ii don’t mind saying, and cost basically nothing.

World class honeycomb shades

Do you like to have world-class window coverings of your house? If your answer is yes, honeycomb shades are your choice for your house windows. These shades give you the expected elegance and glow to your house without slight fall. The main advantages of these shades are presence of pleated fabric and filtering property. Continue reading World class honeycomb shades