Peachtree Doors and Windows

Peachtree Doors and Windows is located in Medford, Wisconsin.  This well-respected company specializes in entry doors, patio doors and windows.

Their products and services include:

 · Peachtree Doors and Windows’ 600 series

Used in fiberglass replacement, Peachtree Doors and Windows’ 600 series is resistant to denting and scratching. They won’t corrode, become brittle, rot or warp, and termites and other pests cannot penetrate the fiberglass. Their thermal performance is enhanced by Peachtree’s exclusive Zo – e – shield glass system.

· Peachtree Doors and Windows – Rustic Collection

Peachtree Door and Windows’ entry door systems feature an alder grain, plank style entry door with fiber glass that’s energy-efficient and low maintenance. They come in 8’ and 6’8” heights, and are a good fit for European, Bungalow, Craftsman or Western- style homes.

· Peachtree Door and Windows – Entry Door Line

Peachtree Door and Windows’ Entry Door product lines feature decorative glass designs in a choice of four architectural styles in smooth or textured fiberglass panels. They are available with a framing system, sill and continuous head.

· Peachtree Doors and Windows – 700 series

Peachtree Doors and Windows’ 700 series replacement windows are extruded aluminum clad offering quality, style and superior energy performance. Their design options can enhance both exterior and interior home designs.

· Peachtree Doors and Windows – Citadel

This is a premium, swinger, slider or French fiberglass patio door.  It is currently available in two and three-wide units, a bi – parting configuration, and as a four panel.

 · Peachtree Doors and Windows – Newport Fiberglass Texture Entry Door

Peachtree Doors and Windows’ entry door systems come with even, durable, prefinished, and durable textured Newport fiberglass entry door panels. Color options include brick red, forest green, indigo, classic white, pebble tan and burgundy.  They can be pre-strained in golden oak, red mahogany, dark mahogany, and dark walnut.

· Peachtree Doors and Windows – Decorative Glass

Peachtree offers eight decorative glass designs. These range from wrought iron grille to stained glass and floral patterns, and come in oak, steel, smooth and mahogany entry door system collections.

Window Solar Screens

Window solar screens are very effective window treatments which you can use to lower your energy bills. This is achieved through the prevention of heat transfer through windows and doors, while compromising the integrity of your view.

Interior products such as window film or awnings do not match the energy efficiency of the solar shade screen. The 90% shade factor solar screen is the best choice, because it is a PVC-coated polyester material that’s pet resistant. Darker colors are more effective and efficient and afford the best view. Nonetheless, there are a variety of different colors which you can choose from, depending on what best suits your needs and preferences.

When deciding which doors or windows to cover, the recommended order of priority is as follows: cover all east- and west-facing windows, then cover all the window that face south. It is not recommended that your north windows be covered due to the amortization on the window screens. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

Window solar screens are quite easy to set up on the exterior surface of almost any window, though you should never use frames from an existing insect screen because they are considerably heavier than insect screens. Ultimately, the insect screen frame isn’t capable of supporting heavier materials.

Solar screens bayou vista

A majority of companies will make use of this framing since it makes their products less expensive and thereby more competitive. However, in reality, making use of these types of materials will shorten the lifespan of the product to a great extent and will not serve the customer well. You should always insist on the 1’’ frame. Overall, the best frame is composed of extruded aluminum as compared to the roll-formed frame.

One of the key benefits of window solar screens is that they will function well  regardless of whether the windows are closed or open. They can be removed during winter in order to allow sunshine in. Keep them in place during the winter because its fabric has the added advantage of decreasing the effects of wind chill across the surface of your window and, thus, reducing heat loss. Remember that heat will constantly seek a cooler atmosphere.

Other benefits include carpet, drape and curtain fading, as well as insect protection whenever windows are open. Furthermore, since window solar screens don’t come into contact with the glass, this helps extend the durability of the insulated glass that’s on the windows by not allowing an increase of searing heat that can result in broken window seals.

French door window treatments ideas

French double doors open outward and add a touch of elegant beauty to any room. This is an excellent design idea for your home. French doors are multi-paneled and are usually made of wood. Exterior doors often open to a patio, while interior doors generally separate the kitchen from the dining or living room.

When French double doors remain open, the room is enlarged by connecting it to the secondary room. When closed, these doors denote privacy, while a visual connection is maintained between the two spaces. The doors can be dressed if more privacy is desired.

fiberglass french doors

The French door design is very popular with homeowners and their families. Rather than leaving them unadorned, without any treatment, many people  choose to use blinds, shades, or drapes for privacy and to reduce glare.

Bamboo blinds do an admirable job of controlling the amount of light in a room. Blinds are often placed on each door, and the addition of white drapes lends privacy and a clean, crisp look to any room. The nighttime view is very soothing when white drapes are added.

French door curtains

Roman shades can be raised or lowered the full length of the doors. Roman shades with stripes add texture and a “window within a window” illusion. Sheer drapes hang gracefully with individual hooks high above the door, while the fabric “pools” around the doors at floor level. The look is that of a very large window, an illusion that expands a room and enhances its visual appeal. Whether you add a classic, modern, or traditional treatment are all a matter of taste and should be done with an eye toward many years of enjoyment.

Wooden blinds offer a more traditional look and control the amount of light entering your space. Roller shades hang closest to the glass and don’t get in the way of the door handles. Solar shades reduce glare while offering a view of the outdoors. A sheer double shade invites privacy while filtering light between rooms.

French door toronto

Take care to account for door handles when selecting a window treatment. Choose a treatment that doesn’t interfere with door handles or impede the  opening and closing of your doors. Window treatments that integrate well and do not hamper functionality are a pleasure rather than a pain!

A few other points to consider: blinds should fit comfortably between the door and door handles, so look for shallow treatments or shades. Blackout roller or honeycomb shades are both designed to block out the light. (Also, remember that your window treatment will hang from the outside.)

Window Treatments for French Doors

Shades should look natural and comfortable between the door and door handles. Using brackets will prevent shades from banging against the doors when they are opened and closed. Don’t forget that many of these treatments can be done by the homeowner as long as you’re careful to measure length and width to ensure that you purchase the right shades, drapes, or fabric for your door window treatment.

Finally, your treatment should complement your home’s décor, so bear in mind the colors in your house and how the treatment will enhance the space of your room.

Innovative Designs for Window Valances

Plenty of colours and shades for the enhancement of the aesthetics of the interior of a house forms one of the most interesting as well as challenging tasks for the one who designs the interiors. You may yourself do the interiors of your home rather than calling an interior designer. Among all the corners and places of the house, you will have to decide the best material and designs for the window treatment. Continue reading Innovative Designs for Window Valances

Tips to window coverings for sliding glass doors

There are many ideas for designing window coverings for sliding glass doors. Each homeowner is confident about his or her ability to do the job, however, an expert in this field can offer superior solutions.

Hence, it is advisable to consult a professional about sliding glass door maintenance. These experts are adept at meeting the needs of the homeowner with cost- effective and beautiful coverings. There are many types of window coverings for sliding glass doors. Selections are based on individual preferences, which is why window coverings are constructed of high-quality materials.

Problems such as sunlight and weather changes must be overcome through the use of window coverings. Even privacy and security features should be taken into account when choosing a window covering.

There are many kinds of window coverings, including curtains, blinds, shutters, shades, boarding, and solar screen shades. The material used for each is based on the preferences of the customer.

Both interior and exterior coverings are available for windows. Individuals must consider carefully the quality aspects of available materials before arriving at a decision. The beauty of their house also depends upon the type of covering material selected.

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Beside quality, many other important features of a covering material are given high importance. If there is a problem after installation, the homeowner often has no other choice but to live with it.

There are many ideas available online, which can help the homeowner develop a design plan with minimal trouble. Many users provide wonderful ideas based on their individual concepts.

There are also highly effective energy-saving covering materials on the market today. These can yield substantial electricity savings by allowing sunlight to filter through. Energy-efficient materials are well-suited to these windows, which also come in heat-resistant material.

Elegant and functional window treatments for sliding glass doors, coverings and shades

Using glass doors in your home is definitely a great way to allow sunlight to permeate your home as you delight in the views of your home’s exterior.  Nevertheless, sliding glass doors can become unsightly if not correctly adorned with a suitable window treatment.

Luckily, there are numerous window treatments for sliding glass doors, coverings, and shades that you can choose from. Today, decorating your sliding glass doors has never been easier.

Here are a few fashionable sliding glass door window treatments, coverings and shades that will ensure your privacy and enhance the appeal of your home’s interior décor.

Curtains: This is probably the most frequently used window treatment. They can be used to conceal sliding glass doors, and come with high levels of insulation, which is important for moderating sunlight.

Frequently occurring light-blocking and insulation complications can be easily addressed with beautiful and well-designed curtains. These come in an array of  sizes, designs, shapes and colors. Therefore, you have the opportunity to select a curtain fabric that will complement the decorative look of your room.

Shutters: Today, there are shutters as tall as sliding glass doors. Inner shutters are a sophisticated and fashionable way of dressing up sliding glass doors. They may be a little more costly than vertical blinds, but their sophisticated and exclusive appearance makes them a popular choice among fashion-sensitive homeowners. They are usually made of wood, but today they come in a variety of sustainable materials.

Cellular Shades: Characteristically made from cloth paper, these shades are among the most elegant window treatments on the market. They are fitted on a track, and frequently come in a single piece. They stack gracefully to the right or left side of the slider, and can be made from materials with reflective edges, which are used to shield your home from excessive heat buildup and sunlight. The main problem with this type of window treatment is that it tends to be extremely delicate.

Carefully assess these window treatments for sliding glass doors to determine which one will look amazing on your sliding glass doors, and serve you well with superior efficiency.

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