Choosing curtains for sliding glass doors

Choosing curtains for sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors are a prominent part of most homes, and because of this you need to pay special attention when choosing curtains for them. Whether they are installed on the terrace or near the patio, these doors provide you with plenty of sunlight for the interior of your home, which can keep your home from looking gloomy.

Since sliding glass doors are quite large, it may be difficult to select curtains that are well-suited to them, both in size/dimension and style. Since sliding doors are not available in uniform sizes, you may have difficulty finding curtains in standard sizes.

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There are many ways to select curtains for your sliding glass doors. Many people prefer to use vertical panels for their sliding doors because they are less expensive and easier to use. There is a wide variety of curtains that come in different materials and colors, and offer great flexibility. These are ideal if you have pets that like to play with curtains.

When choosing curtains for sliding glass doors, you should decide how you want them to be tailored. Some homeowners prefer a large drapery that slides horizontally, while some favor curtains that divide in the middle. This preference determines the number of curtains you’ll purchase for your sliding doors.

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Color is another important factor because a lighter tint often works best for large sliding doors, since dark colors may prove too barren and under-nuanced. However, remember that a lighter tint will be vulnerable to stains and smell, and may require more maintenance. On the other hand, darker shades can fade quite rapidly when exposed to constant sunlight.

You can also opt for two sets of curtains, in which the inner layer has a lighter tint that allows sunlight to pass through, while the darker layer helps protect the interior of your home from excessive sunlight. This double set of curtains needs two curtain rods, which can be expensive but will help save money on your electricity bill. Harmful sunlight will be blocked during the summer, while this arrangement ensures greater warmth during winter.

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