Create your own burlap table runner

A burlap table runner is impactful enough that it can completely transform your holiday decor. Unfortunately, given the popularity of burlap, it can be prohibitively expensive to purchase anything pre-fabricated. That’s why a “DIY” burlap table runner can be a perfect beginner’s project, one that gives you tremendous “bang for your buck.”  This project should take about an hour, to an hour and a half.

Burlap Table Runner made home

First of all, you will need to measure your table. Be sure to add length if you want the runner to hang over the sides of the table. A 12-inch overhang is standard, so add 24 inches to the total length of your table. To calculate the width you’ll need, divide the width of your table in half, then add 2 inches. The trick to cutting burlap is to pull out a thread where you intend to cut. The gap you create will give you a cutting guide.

Once you’ve cut your burlap to size, use fusible webbing to iron down the seams. If your burlap has a pattern, you will want to make sure that this is face down on your ironing board. Be sure to put padding between the iron and burlap, or you will ruin not only the fabric, but also your iron if you use it on your fabric’s design element. Trim the back of the corners diagonally once you’ve ironed all four sides. Once all the corners are trimmed, iron your runner, and you will have completed the basics.

burlab table runner diy

If you want something just a bit fancier, you can add trim to the edges. Ruffles make an attractive decoration.

If you would like a ruffled table runner like those seen in stores such as Urban Farmhouse, buy 5 inch strips of muslin. Depending on how thick you want your ruffle, you’ll want to use 1- to 1 ½-yard strips. Grab a needle and thread and run a stitch down the fabric, or just use a sewing machine. Line the ruffle up with your runner to make sure you have the correct length.

burlap table runner

You can sew the ruffle to the burlap, or use a hot glue gun. My preference is sewing, but if you decide to use the hot glue gun, you will need to dot the fabric in 1-inch increments. Now you’ve created a burlap table runner for under $20. Congratulations!

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