Doorless Showers

Doorless Showers: Things To Consider When Planning Having One

Doorless showers have opened a world of possibilities and they come with several benefits. An open shower feel and universal design are just some examples. In addition to creating an open and expansive feel in a shower, they also available in great universal design as well as aging in place.

Moreover, they are also more sophisticated and therefore, they need careful planning. The following are a few factors to consider if you’re planning to have one.
Doorless shower in modern bathroom
Create a half-wall structure to prevent splashes – Basically, a doorless bathroom requires around a 6-foot buffer zone on all sides to avoid splashing water all over the place. By creating a half wall can greatly help in containing droplets.

It’s ideal to consider a position of a corner if possible – Orient your shower in a corner, which faces away from other zones of your bathroom. This will help in preserving a few measures of privacy as well as in guarding against spraying water.

Think of combating chills – It’s obvious that open or doorless showers can sometimes be drafty, mostly during winter seasons. Installing a heat lamp radiant and/or heat bathroom flooring can be of a great deal to do in offsetting the shivers.

doorless showers bathroom

Always select the correct showerhead – It’s important to consider a showerhead that can cast water straight down like a rain-style model. Handheld type of a showerhead can also serve you well since it allows the user to control the flow and position.

Make sure there is proper drainage – Proper shower drainage plays an important role in your bathroom in overall. It helps in guarding against damages from the standing water. It also helps in protecting the user from skidding, particularly when the floor is wet. It is important to angle your shower floor a little bit to allow easy flow of water towards the drain. It’s good if you have two drains for an effective siphoning.
Modern Open Shower Bathroom Design Ideas
Lastly, if the above-discussed points are properly taken into consideration, there is nothing that can prevent you from having a great doorless showers.

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