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Five benefits of Insola Chatham Roman Shades

Insola Chatham Roman Shades come with many features and a variety of colors. Here are some reasons why these shades can be the perfect addition to any interior window.

1. They can help save money on energy and heating bills

These Insola Chatham shades feature a revolutionary cordless head rail, and are backed by thermal insulation with a cellular fabric-designed back. Consequently, they provide not one, but two layers of insulation, which can help conserve energy. You will certainly notice a reduction in your heating bills.

Insola Chatham Roman Shades

  1. They help eliminate outside noise and light

One of the most beneficial features of these Chatham shades is their ability to  reduce noise and light from outside, transforming your room into a quiet living space.

3. Insola Chatham Roman Shades are easy to install

Chatham shades can be installed easily and quickly on any interior window. Brackets for either an outside or inside mount come with the installation kit. It doesn’t matter if you lack even the most basic home improvement skills: these shades are simple to install, and are sure to brighten any drab living space.

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4. They are stylish

The Insola Chatham Roman Shades include an attached valance, which adds to your décor and enhances the style of any living space, and can cover the head rail if it is unsightly. Select a color that best fits the color palette in your room.

5. Insola Chatham Roman Shades are easy to clean

The shades are extremely easy to clean, and can either be dusted or cleaned with a vacuum.

Other features

They also include a cordless, child-proof head rail. All cords are enclosed in the fabric, which is on the back of the shade. These Roman shades can purchased in a variety of colors, and each one is 64 inches in length.

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