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French door window treatments ideas

French double doors open outward and add a touch of elegant beauty to any room. This is an excellent design idea for your home. French doors are multi-paneled and are usually made of wood. Exterior doors often open to a patio, while interior doors generally separate the kitchen from the dining or living room.

When French double doors remain open, the room is enlarged by connecting it to the secondary room. When closed, these doors denote privacy, while a visual connection is maintained between the two spaces. The doors can be dressed if more privacy is desired.

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The French door design is very popular with homeowners and their families. Rather than leaving them unadorned, without any treatment, many people  choose to use blinds, shades, or drapes for privacy and to reduce glare.

Bamboo blinds do an admirable job of controlling the amount of light in a room. Blinds are often placed on each door, and the addition of white drapes lends privacy and a clean, crisp look to any room. The nighttime view is very soothing when white drapes are added.

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Roman shades can be raised or lowered the full length of the doors. Roman shades with stripes add texture and a “window within a window” illusion. Sheer drapes hang gracefully with individual hooks high above the door, while the fabric “pools” around the doors at floor level. The look is that of a very large window, an illusion that expands a room and enhances its visual appeal. Whether you add a classic, modern, or traditional treatment are all a matter of taste and should be done with an eye toward many years of enjoyment.

Wooden blinds offer a more traditional look and control the amount of light entering your space. Roller shades hang closest to the glass and don’t get in the way of the door handles. Solar shades reduce glare while offering a view of the outdoors. A sheer double shade invites privacy while filtering light between rooms.

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Take care to account for door handles when selecting a window treatment. Choose a treatment that doesn’t interfere with door handles or impede the  opening and closing of your doors. Window treatments that integrate well and do not hamper functionality are a pleasure rather than a pain!

A few other points to consider: blinds should fit comfortably between the door and door handles, so look for shallow treatments or shades. Blackout roller or honeycomb shades are both designed to block out the light. (Also, remember that your window treatment will hang from the outside.)

Window Treatments for French Doors

Shades should look natural and comfortable between the door and door handles. Using brackets will prevent shades from banging against the doors when they are opened and closed. Don’t forget that many of these treatments can be done by the homeowner as long as you’re careful to measure length and width to ensure that you purchase the right shades, drapes, or fabric for your door window treatment.

Finally, your treatment should complement your home’s décor, so bear in mind the colors in your house and how the treatment will enhance the space of your room.

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