Making a homemade laminate floor cleaner

Laminate floors have definitely become a vital part of our homes today. They are not just cheap and beautiful; but they are also durable and easy to install as well. It is no wonder that more and more homes are going this direction.

Having said that, laminate floor cleaners can be very expensive and this is the only major downside to getting these types of floors. However, you should not break sweat over this because you can choose to use a good homemade laminate floor cleaner.

It is therefore critical to know how to make this cleaner at home because it will save you both money and time. It is worth mentioning that the homemade version is as effective as the one found in your local store.

How to make a laminate floor cleaner at home?

There are many ingredients available at home that will facilitate the process of making your own cleaner. Here is the most popular method.

First, you need some white vinegar and warm water. In place of the vinegar, you can use rubbing alcohol to make a different recipe of an equally effective product. If you have chosen white vinegar, mix a cup with about a gallon of warm water and you are done! You can put the mixture into a spraying can and use it. A cloth or a mop will do a good job in cleaning your laminate floor together with your homemade cleaner.

If you choose to use rubbing alcohol, take about 4 teaspoons and mix with a gallon of warm water and follow the same procedure as above. Using these cleaners will surely save you lots of money. If you experience spills, you can use the cleaner for an effective cleaning action. You do not have to worry anymore about buying cleaning products for your laminate floor; you can simply enjoy the beauty at home at almost no cost at all.

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