Handscraped laminate flooring

Handscraped laminate flooring

This is commonly referred to as a less expensive and easier to install type of flooring. So what exactly is it? It is a laminate plank flooring that looks like real handscraped wood flooring. This is something of a misnomer and, contrary to what one may think, it is not actually done by hand.

So why do you need handscraped laminate flooring?

Handscraped laminate flooring comes with immense benefits for maintenance, variety, pricing and installation. It is very easy to maintain this kind of flooring, because it doesn’t require waxing, vigorous mopping or any buffing.

You need only vacuum it regularly to keep the floor neat and clean. You may also use a damp cloth or mop for extra floor cleaning. There are different types of planks available for use in this kind of flooring, which means that you can choose sizes, shapes and colors that pair well with your home’s interior.

How is handscraped laminate flooring different from other flooring?

Laminate is much less expensive than hardwood flooring. This means that you can expect to get the appearance and feel of hardwood flooring at a very low price.

And that’s not all. If you are a DIY person, you can install this flooring on your own and save the often exorbitant cost of hiring the services of a professional. Nevertheless, it is important to note that hardwood flooring usually adds value to a home, while laminate does not.

Suitable for all rooms

Handscraped laminate flooring can be used in any room. It contains three layers: the wear, the core and the backing one. The wear layer provides surface protection, while the core layer is made up of varying degrees of high-density fiber board. The higher the density, the better the board! The last layer usually helps the other two maintain strength and durability.

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