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How cafe curtains can transform the look of any room

Cafe curtains are back in fashion, and can be purchased in a wide variety of different colors, styles, and brands. They look particularly good when used in the kitchen or bathroom, and can add a striking dash of color and a sense of style to both of these rooms.

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Why choose cafe curtains?

Cafe curtains lend an elegant and warm feel to almost any room, and are preferable to blinds if you are designing a traditional interior for your home. When selecting cafe curtains for your kitchen, remember that a patterned element can combine well with work surfaces and kitchen units – they’re safe, durable, and cost effective. They are often used in restaurants and cafes because they are conducive to lighting, and enhance privacy. The choices of colors and designs are endless!

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Purchasing cafe curtains for the bathroom can complement the color and style of fixtures such as your toilet, bath and sink. Unlike blinds, which are limited in their design, cafe curtains can transform any modern kitchen or bathroom space, and are easy to open and close. They cover a third of the window space, and there is a valance at the top of the window which is approximately 10 inches long. This allows the perfect balance of intimacy and open lighting, and it’s an excellent way to create a bright, modern, living space which can be enjoyed by the entire family.

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What designs should I look for in cafe curtains?

Since cafe curtains can transform the feel of any room, choose a colored curtain which best matches the rest of your interior. If you have a neutral color palette, perhaps with white and cream walls, consider a curtain that is light brown or off-white in color, which will help you create a stately and elegant living space. If you want a more striking look, consider a vibrant red or blue, which will help to make the rest of the window a strong focal point of your decor, and will beautifully frame any natural sunlight that enters the room.

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Finally, select cafe curtains that are made from rich fabrics, and choose a matching valance, thus creating a sense of uniformity in your room. A white sheer cafe curtain can lend an elegant look which will impress the neighbors. Cafe curtains are also very cost effective and can be purchased online from a wide variety of sources. Pick a color and material which best suits you and your family’s lifestyle.

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