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How to adjust folding closet doors

Did you know that many homes built today feature folding closet doors? However, when this type of door is used over a long period of time, opening it becomes more and more difficult. In most cases, they will go out of their tracks, which can ruin the functionality of your closet doors.

This often happens because the doors are not level. One of the best ways to prevent wear and tear is to level them, though this type of action can also affect bi-fold closet doors as well. Reading through the rest of this article will help you to adjust folding closet doors perfectly.

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Begin by opening your closet doors halfway. Then, make sure you place the level on both doors. This will help prevent any tearing action that may occur in the future. You will have to determine which direction the indicator bubble is floating. This will determine how much leveling you need to do.

You can also open the door a third of the way. This will occur if you determine whether the bracket requires movement in a left or right direction. Again, be sure to check the closet properly and examine the top of the door. Normally, a bracket with a small screw on it will usually appear. In most cases, this will be a Philips-head screw.

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It is important to move the Philips screw so that the bracket can be moved freely. Take care not to loosen the screw too much. It should be loosened just enough to allow for free movement. Try tapping the bracket gently in the direction required to level the door.

Check your work by measuring a few times to make certain you’ve achieved the best level. By using this simple method, you can be certain that you have adjusted  your folding closet doors perfectly. Bear in mind that this process also work for bi-fold closet doors.

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