Valances for Sliding Glass Doors

Choosing valances for sliding glass doors

Today, many households have sliding glass doors. Selecting a door treatment can be a bit tricky for the average homeowner – how do you choose one that fits your home décor and doesn’t affect functionality? Valances are often the best solution, but how do you choose the right one for your sliding glass door?

The first step is to select a door that adds to your home’s décor. Outdated and dull sliding doors can actually detract from your home’s look and feel. Integrating a valance into your design can you help you avoid making a mistake in your design. Fortunately, valances are specifically designed to augment your sliding glass door’s appearance.

valances for sliding glass doors

How to choose valances for sliding glass doors 

The next step is to get tips that can help you select the best valance design for your door. Most people find it very difficult to choose valances; they don’t want to make a choice that fails to enhance this important aspect of their home’s exterior.  If you find this task difficult, the following tips should help you make the most of this attractive feature.

First, carefully examine the various valance designs. This will help you compile multiple options for your sliding glass doors and take advantage of the available designs, using the Internet or design magazines.

Secondly, learn how to use valances. Once you’ve identified the best design for your sliding glass door, carefully measure the length and width of your door. The size is one of the most significant considerations in the entire process.

After identifying the proper size, the next step is to install the valances into your sliding glass door. Take care not to use boring vertical blinds when decorating your door, but go with a style that suits the overall look of this feature.

sliding glass door valance

The following are some of the best valances for sliding doors:

Flat valances

This is the simplest valance design in terms of style and construction, and can be tailored to fit any interior decor.

Pleated valances

These are similar to flat valances, however, they have inverted pleats at the top.

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