Mecho shades

Mecho shades for everywhere

Mecho Shades offer tremendous energy savings, and they are very effective at protecting you and your home from the damaging effects of excessive sunlight. As such, they improve interior environments by moderating the use of natural light, working in harmony with windows and doors throughout your home.

Mecho Shades

Darkening roller screens and visually transparent systems are well-integrated and make Mecho shades among the very best in the world at solar protection. Mecho shades produce tremendous results, whether you need a mechanical window alignment system for a veiling wall, a manual chain driver shade, a multi-zone shading control system for an entire office or apartment, or a fully computerized tracking system for an entire building.

Mecho shades ideas

Mecho shade systems have been used for more than 50 years and are notable as the number one innovator in room darkening solutions, and as an automated solar control system. This system is now used all over the world, in giant office buildings as well as modest-sized homes. It is an inexpensive and productive means of managing an important aspect of interior environment, which is often overlooked.

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