How to install under counter microwave?

Living in a small house doesn’t mean that you have to do without all of the things you need to live comfortably.  Today, an under-counter microwave not only saves space in your kitchen, it can also add to your kitchen design.   For those who live in a small apartment or studio, this under-counter microwave will be a great help in managing your small-sized kitchen. But how do you install one?under counter microwave cabinet

To begin with, make sure you have all of the tools you’ll need for this task. You will need a pencil, tape measure, drill with 3/16 and 3/8 inch bits, a screwdriver, mounting kit and, of course, the one and only microwave.

The first step is to attach the template to the cabinet. Mark the center of your installation area using a tape measure. After that, align the center of your microwave template with the one you’ve marked. Then, tape the cabinet template to the underside of your kitchen’s cabinet.

under counter microwave oven

Next, secure the mounting plate. Mark the four holes at the corners, then mark one of the bottom holes that align with a wall stud. Make sure that the mounting plate is secured into at least one stud. Use a 3/16 inch bit for lag screws or 3/8 inch bit for toggle screws. Hold the mounting plate against the back wall, aligning it with the center line, and secure the plate to the wall..

under counter microwave drawer

The final and most important step is installing the microwave. Drill 3/8 inch holes where indicated in the under-cabinet template, and bore a 2 inch hole where instructed for the power-supply cord. Then, lift the microwave oven, hang it on the support tabs at the bottom of the mounting plate and feed the power cord through the hole. Finally, tighten screws in the upper cabinet holes until the gap between the microwave and cabinet is closed.

Exemplary wrought iron doors

Would you like to replace your current entry doors with new ones made of wrought iron?  Want to construct a new house featuring wrought iron door hardware, screen doors and storm doors? No problem; you can make it happen without difficulty. Many companies are involved in selling home improvement products nowadays.

Select an exemplary firm that offers top-quality door products for sale. You can make sure they are reputable by reviewing their feedback online.  You can also check the pricing they offer for wrought iron doors to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.  You can also compare the prices of exemplary wrought iron doors before having them installed.

Top-quality wrought iron entry doors are desirable for any home. The hardware used should be of wrought iron, and you can check the material’s quality before purchasing wrought iron entry doors. Entry gates are essential because they protect any house.  But be careful to avoid falling prey to fraudulent companies that sell poor quality products.

wrought iron doors

Some of the most important parameters that should govern our selection of Exemplary wrought iron doors, screen doors and storm doors are cost effectiveness, high quality, durability, and reliability.  These parameters are important not only for ensuring the beauty of your house, but for the peace of mind that protecting it can bring.  Wrought iron doors are without doubt a major part of home design.

It is also essential to determine whether the products you will use are approved by the certifying authority to avoid mistakes.  You can check for top suppliers of wrought iron door hardware, screen doors, and storm doors in your state.

Must Have: Garage Door Accessories

Regardless of its design, the garage door is today considered one of the most important features of many home properties. Your garage door is there to protect your vehicles from damage by unpredictable weather, and to ensure your “prized rides” are kept safe from intruders.

Make your garage more functional and maximize what it can do for you by incorporating four of the most innovative garage door accessories available today.

wireless numeric keypad

1.     Wireless numeric keypad

Gone are the days when wireless keypads were considered luxurious commodities you could do without. Nowadays, they are considered a necessity, especially for families with school-aged children.

Apart from its many useful features, this amazing innovation will spare you the inconvenience of having to carry around bulky keys in your pocket.  In addition, you’ll no longer have to worry about losing or misplacing your keys.

Today, many parents have opted for the wireless numeric keypad instead of entrusting their kids with keys.

Garage door opener

2.      Garage door opener as part of Garage Door Accessories

Most openers are reliable and easy to install. However, much of its popularity can be attributed to the protection it provides both from unpredictable weather and shady characters, especially at night.

With a single push of a button, the garage door will open immediately, allowing you to pull right in, ever so conveniently.  In addition, most remotes are lightweight and can be programmed with up to 29 million transmitter code combinations.

laser parking assist

3.     Laser parking assist

Do you find yourself struggling when parking in your garage? Hanging a tennis ball from the ceiling or using tire stop mats to tell you how close you are can be effective, but laser parking aids can help you protect your vehicle much more efficiently.

Fortunately, this helpful device is fairly affordable, so you don’t really have to be concerned about your budget. In addition, laser parking assistants are very easy to install, which makes it even more appealing.

Another appealing feature is that these nifty devices make it very easy to park in the exact same position every time.  They emit a class 2 laser beam from the ceiling to your dashboard, or to another fixed position on your vehicle. This is a very useful garage door accessory.

chamberlain garage door monitor

4.     Garage door monitors

If you’re the type who often forgets to close your garage door, you might be running the risk of home theft.  To make matters worse, by neglecting to close your garage door you also waste money by allowing heat to escape from your home.

Fortunately, garage door monitors can be mounted easily using a Velcro strip. The moment your door is opened, sensors send signals to the monitor, causing a red light to flash. Be certain to plug the monitor in somewhere where you will easily notice the flashing red light.

The importance of garage doors cannot be overstated. Considering all the benefits they offer, investing in accessories that add to their effectiveness should be considered money well spent.

Peachtree Doors and Windows

Peachtree Doors and Windows is located in Medford, Wisconsin.  This well-respected company specializes in entry doors, patio doors and windows.

Their products and services include:

 · Peachtree Doors and Windows’ 600 series

Used in fiberglass replacement, Peachtree Doors and Windows’ 600 series is resistant to denting and scratching. They won’t corrode, become brittle, rot or warp, and termites and other pests cannot penetrate the fiberglass. Their thermal performance is enhanced by Peachtree’s exclusive Zo – e – shield glass system.

· Peachtree Doors and Windows – Rustic Collection

Peachtree Door and Windows’ entry door systems feature an alder grain, plank style entry door with fiber glass that’s energy-efficient and low maintenance. They come in 8’ and 6’8” heights, and are a good fit for European, Bungalow, Craftsman or Western- style homes.

· Peachtree Door and Windows – Entry Door Line

Peachtree Door and Windows’ Entry Door product lines feature decorative glass designs in a choice of four architectural styles in smooth or textured fiberglass panels. They are available with a framing system, sill and continuous head.

· Peachtree Doors and Windows – 700 series

Peachtree Doors and Windows’ 700 series replacement windows are extruded aluminum clad offering quality, style and superior energy performance. Their design options can enhance both exterior and interior home designs.

· Peachtree Doors and Windows – Citadel

This is a premium, swinger, slider or French fiberglass patio door.  It is currently available in two and three-wide units, a bi – parting configuration, and as a four panel.

 · Peachtree Doors and Windows – Newport Fiberglass Texture Entry Door

Peachtree Doors and Windows’ entry door systems come with even, durable, prefinished, and durable textured Newport fiberglass entry door panels. Color options include brick red, forest green, indigo, classic white, pebble tan and burgundy.  They can be pre-strained in golden oak, red mahogany, dark mahogany, and dark walnut.

· Peachtree Doors and Windows – Decorative Glass

Peachtree offers eight decorative glass designs. These range from wrought iron grille to stained glass and floral patterns, and come in oak, steel, smooth and mahogany entry door system collections.

Bali cellular shades

Cellular blinds, commonly known as “honeycomb” blinds, are creatively layered at the pleats, forming cells that trap air. Air is a poor conductor of heat, so this construction provides effective insulation and excellent energy efficiency.

Bali cellular shades come in a wide range of colors that can be matched with various fabrics to complete and enhance your home decor. They are soft to the touch and sturdily constructed, giving your house outstanding curb appeal when mounted on your windows. But which is the best side of the window frame to mount your blind?

Most homeowners choose to mount their cellular window blinds inside the frame. Consequently, it has become a universal choice for many regardless of what type of blind is used. There are many benefits to an inside mount.

It presents a much neater, tidier and more organized appearance. Mounting a cellular shade inside the frame leaves no blinds hanging to the floor or appearing out of control. An inside mount allows for more designs and arrangements.

This is a convenient and visually pleasing way to combine drapes and blinds or other types of curtains. For instance, mounting Bali cellular shades inside allows you to keep blinds and grapes from becoming intertwined.

contemporary cellular shades

Remember, a good blind should be energy effective! The mounting should reflect this quality, too. An inside mount is significantly more energy-efficient than an external mount, and allows the blind to lay closer to the window panel, which provides a better air trap.

On the other hand, an outside mount can be beneficial if you can’t mount your blind inside the window frame. If a crank handle is affixed to the inside of the frame, an interior mount will be impossible. Alarm sensors and shallow windows also preclude the possibility of interior mounting.

The structure and design of the window can also force you to consider an outside mount. For instance, your window frame might have a stylistic or irregular shape, such as trapezoidal, circular, or octagonal, among others. In this case, mounting Bali cellular shades externally is the best option.

Whether you choose an inside or outside mount, Bali cellular shades are a great way to give your room privacy and insulate your home from strong sunlight while you save money on energy costs.

Benefits of cordless roman shades

Cordless roman shades offer many benefits, including:


Safety is an important factor which should be carefully considered, especially when young children are present, an important reason for incorporating cordless roman shades into your decor.

The United States Production Safety Commission has devoted substantial resources to researching the safety benefits of cordless roman shades. They’ve found that cordless roman shades are quite beneficial. There are about 1 million roman shades produced by various manufacturers. Cordless roman shades are used primarily to replace cordless window coverings.

Easy to use: 

Cordless roman shades are very easy to use. They operate with the simple press of a button, or with a small grappling tab, enabling you to pull the roman shades in whichever direction you want.

Attractive appearance

Just as refrigerators are outfitted with faces that blend into various kitchen decors, cordless roman shades can fit in with a range of sleek design standards. From an aesthetic standpoint, they enhance the beauty of your home’s interior by allowing you to remove unsightly pull cords.

Improved performance

Traditional cords pose two major operational problems: kinking and tangling.  Without troublesome cords, roman shades function with a more consistently smooth, gliding motion.  This way, you avoid the persistent problems that come with “mega knots.”

Bahama Bamboo Cordless Roman Shade

Cordless roman shades are convenient to use 

The mechanism that controls cordless roman shades is mounted at the bottom.  This is convenient because you don’t have to climb a stool in order to reach the cords. In fact, the cords are partially dropped from the top of the window treatment. Consequently, you can install cordless roman shades in hard-to-access or high spaces.

You can expect to have much greater flexibility when it comes to natural lighting. If you carefully assess your options based on your budget, you can expect to find corded and cordless roman shades that match your personality.

If you have never tried cordless roman shades, you are sure to like their sleekness and ease of use.  They come highly recommended by countless homeowners, who have reaped their many decorative, functional and financial benefits.

Custom Roman Shades, Made Exclusively For You!

Due to the rising demand for custom roman shades, there is an extensive variety of designs available in the market. Individuals can experiment with different fabrics, colors and styles to suit very specific tastes. Whereas some prefer to purchase from readily available selections, other people like to find something special for their homes.

Why should you choose Custom Roman Shades?

When individuals are buying clothes for themselves, they tend to be very specific about fit, color and style, among other things. They want to buy something that complements their personality and fits well with their identity. Why then should you follow a “one-size-fits-all” method when dressing up your windows? In any case, each and every home has its unique requirements, and so does every window in your house.

You must make sure that the shades match the color of your walls and complements the overall interior design. Sunlight also differs from room to room, and your shade will need to complement that as well. Custom roman shades, which are designed specifically according to an individual’s taste, are intended to help you account for all these factors.

Custom Roman Shades

How can you customize your shades?

Today, there are many services, both online and through conventional means, available to help you customize your window shades.  They can help you choose the correct fabric or texture for your house or office, and a measuring guide will guarantee that your window shades fit your windows perfectly.

There are various styles of custom roman shade, including pleated, tulip, flat, cascade and relaxed, among others. You can select styles based on your aesthetic and practical requirements.

You can also improve your insulation when you customize your shades with the help of extra block-out lining. If you want to beat the summer heat, you can also look for sunlight obstructing cellular shades. In addition to fabrics, you can also opt for bamboo roman shades.

Custom Roman Shades1

A custom roman shade, specifically tailored for you, can give your window a special touch at a nominal extra cost. You can also seek help from experts, as long as you can afford their services. These professionals will help you design a shade for each and every window in your home, thus giving each a distinctive character.

These shades will complement your décor design while meeting your functional needs. You can go with one particular custom roman shade design, or combine it with drapes and curtains. Let your window be an extension of your personality!

Custom Roman Shades2

Tips when choosing the best entryway furniture ikea

In the past, people have never known the tips that they should possess when buying entryway furniture ikea from the market. This has made many of them to make wrong choices within the market. Here are the tips that should help you make the best choice:

Look at the reputation of the company 

You should always make sure that you look at the reputation of the company selling the entryway furniture ikea in the market before you can buy from them. How should you do this? You should make sure that you read the reviews of the customers who have ever buy from them before making that decision of buying from them. Through this, you should get some of the best facts that should help you make the best choice whenever you are buying from the market. You should never buy from the market when the company enjoys low reputation in the market.

You should know the cost when buying entryway furniture ikea.

Many people often lose money when buying due to lack of comparing the prices from the different companies in the market before making that choice. When you analyze and do your analysis, you will get more information about the prices that should help you make an informed choice through the buying process.

entryway furniture ikea idea

Seek help from home experts

If you lack ideas that you can apply to make an informed choice, then you need to ask for help from the health experts within the market. Since they have the skills and experience, they should help you make an informed choice when buying from the shopping outlets. You should also make sure that the home experts have experience in the field before making that important choice.

In conclusion, using this simple guide should assist you in the process of buying high quality entryway furniture ikea from the market at the best price.