Cleaning your dryer vent

Occasionally a drier gets clogged up with lint (fluffy fibers that are found on fabric). Lint is generated from clothes as the drying process is in progress. This lint builds up in clefts inside the lint filter trap and down through the drier vent pipe.

Be aware that clogged driers are the number one cause of household fires, which occur when there’s a buildup on the lint trap as well as the duct work of the drier vent. This restricts the flow of hot air from the drier. This heat buildup can cause the lint to ignite.


Watch for these symptoms of a clogged drier vent:

  • Clothes usually take a very long time to dry
  • Clothes do not try thoroughly
  • Clothes are very hot by the time the drying cycle is complete
  • The air around the dryer heats up
  • The laundry room is excessively humid
  • Minimal exhaust velocity is characterized by a less frequent opening of the external exhaust flapper

Cleaning your dryer vent

Make sure you have a dryer vent cleaning kit. It should have two brushes: a long- bristle brush used for cleaning the lint screen, and a brush with thick bristles that is used to clean the dryer hose.

  • Step one: Remove your dryer’s lint screen and use the long-bristle cleaning brush and remove all lint.
  • Step two: Insert the brush into the base of the vacuum lint trap enclosure cavity and gently withdraw it, removing clods of lint as you do. You can use a vacuum to clean the lint from the brush head. Repeat this procedure until there is no more lint remaining in the housing cavity.
  • Step three: Gently remove the dryer vent hose from the wall and disassemble its various parts. Then insert the thick bristled brush into the lint-clogged passage, gently rotating the brush in a back and front motion.
  • Step four: Repeat this procedure for every section of the dryer hose, accounting for all of its bends and curves. Also, ensure that there is no ling clogging the exhaust ejection cap on the exterior end of the cavity
  • Step five: Reassemble the dryer hose. Firmly fasten a versatile right-angled elbow to the exhaust section of the dryer, then turn on the gas faucet, plug in the dryer and return the lint screen to its respective position

To be on the safe side, maintain a regular cleaning program for your dryer. At minimum, be sure to have your dryer cleaned once every three months.

How to save money repairing a clogged kitchen sink

To avoid regular repairs, take care of your kitchen sink by not depositing food remains and dirty water in the sink when washing your utensils. When you are finished washing up, clean the sink thoroughly by rinsing it with clean water and disinfectant to kill germs and remove oily substances that can block water flow through the system. Ensure that water flows smoothly through the system.

unclog Clogged Kitchen Sink

Seek out expert information before repairing your sink

In order to save money when having a clogged kitchen sink repaired, select a company that charges pocket-friendly rates and specializes in this type of repair.  Some experts are simply too busy and don’t have to give you the level of service you deserve in the shortest time possible.

Use quality materials when repairing a clogged kitchen sink

Use quality materials that don’t wear out easily and that last longer in order to avoid frequent repairs and wasting a lot of money. You’ll save time if you seek out experts for advice about regularly unclogging your sink.  You’ll avoid back-ups and the bad smells that invariably result from a clogged sink.

 Hire experts who offer a warranty after repairing a clogged kitchen sink

It’s a good idea to hire expert repair professionals to repair a clogged kitchen sink, particularly those who offer a warranty because if it clogs again, they will repair it free of charge. This can save you the cost of paying for multiple repairs. You can make minor repairs yourself in order to save money. You can buy materials from your local hardware store and make repairs yourself, as long as the repair doesn’t require too much technical know-how.

The importance of pantry shelving plans for your kitchen

You should select pantry shelves based on your storage requirements. They  provide ample storage area in your kitchen if it is small in size. This is the best place to store your perishable and non-perishable goods.

Pantry shelving plans can make your storage system more effective, allowing you to find your goods easily and maintain them properly to avoid damage. It is very important to design your pantry shelves in a way that maximizes convenience, since you will use it on an everyday basis.

Pantry shelving plans diy

It’s also very important to design your kitchen beautifully, since it is one of the most important areas of your home, a place for food preparation, dining, socializing, and more.  These shelves should be designed with ease of use in mind, and with careful consideration for your kitchen’s size and shape to make the most of its utility.

Remember that kitchen shelves should help you maximize storage space and utilize every part of your kitchen. They should help you avoid the messiness and clutter that kitchens can easily fall prey to by using every available space in your kitchen to the fullest. This is the best way to reorganize your kitchen and for storing items you use every day. You can even customize your pantry shelves to your individual taste, preference and style.

Traditional Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Ideas

Select wood that’s readily available in different varieties, like pine, bamboo, maple, fiber and oak. These wooden units can help you enhance your storage system and enhance the visual appeal and beauty of your home.

Choosing valances for sliding glass doors

Today, many households have sliding glass doors. Selecting a door treatment can be a bit tricky for the average homeowner – how do you choose one that fits your home décor and doesn’t affect functionality? Valances are often the best solution, but how do you choose the right one for your sliding glass door?

The first step is to select a door that adds to your home’s décor. Outdated and dull sliding doors can actually detract from your home’s look and feel. Integrating a valance into your design can you help you avoid making a mistake in your design. Fortunately, valances are specifically designed to augment your sliding glass door’s appearance.

valances for sliding glass doors

How to choose valances for sliding glass doors 

The next step is to get tips that can help you select the best valance design for your door. Most people find it very difficult to choose valances; they don’t want to make a choice that fails to enhance this important aspect of their home’s exterior.  If you find this task difficult, the following tips should help you make the most of this attractive feature.

First, carefully examine the various valance designs. This will help you compile multiple options for your sliding glass doors and take advantage of the available designs, using the Internet or design magazines.

Secondly, learn how to use valances. Once you’ve identified the best design for your sliding glass door, carefully measure the length and width of your door. The size is one of the most significant considerations in the entire process.

After identifying the proper size, the next step is to install the valances into your sliding glass door. Take care not to use boring vertical blinds when decorating your door, but go with a style that suits the overall look of this feature.

sliding glass door valance

The following are some of the best valances for sliding doors:

Flat valances

This is the simplest valance design in terms of style and construction, and can be tailored to fit any interior decor.

Pleated valances

These are similar to flat valances, however, they have inverted pleats at the top.

Pergola Designs For Patios

Regardless of whether you are in search for Pergola designs for patios to buy or you want to make one yourself, it is important to follow the necessary steps prior to investing your money. This is an important home improvement project and should receive all the attention it deserves. Below are some of the important points to keep in mind when choosing Pergola designs for patios.

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Microfiber Sheets – A comprehensive review

Microfiber sheets are quite common and are very popular with most people. The appeal of microfiber sheets comes primarily from its many outstanding properties, such as a fine texture that is soft and smooth to the touch, as well as durable and visually appealing.

What are microfiber sheets?

As the name suggests, these sheets are made of microfibers with diameters that are smaller than ordinary fibers. The microfibers are synthetically produced to achieve this level of thinness, but are fortified in terms of strength and texture to ensure that they are ideal for many applications. The microfibers are then knitted together tightly to ensure the physical integrity of each sheet.

microfiber fleece sheets
These sheets come with several properties and benefits which include the following:

  • Fine texture
    Due to the nature of the microfibers that make up each sheet, they are usually soft and smooth to the touch, making them very comfortable. This accounts for the popularity of this prized material.

    • Durability
    Although the fibers are very thin, they are woven very tightly. Furthermore, they are derived from strong materials, two factors that go a long way toward ensuring that the sheets will last for a long time.

    • Maintenance
    Like many materials, microfiber sheets can easily be washed using ordinary soaps and detergents. They can also easily be dry cleaned, and offer the advantage of drying faster owing to their thin surface.

    • Flexibility
    Microfiber sheets also come in diverse shapes, sizes and colors. This ensures that individual tastes and preferences are met. It also allows these sheets to be used for other decorating purposes.

The convenience of microfiber sheets
People have different preferences when it comes to the design of sheets and various clothing materials. While some prefer them plain, others like them colored. Microfiber sheets also come plain, or colored and patterned. Their compact design makes them great in projecting colors and patterns.

Furthermore, microfiber sheets maintain their texture and color for many years, so their attractiveness can be guaranteed over time.  However, like materials like cotton, microfiber sheets tend to fade gradually with washing. The fading effects are exacerbated if hot water is used during washing. Thus, users can enjoy the design and comfort and durability of their microfiber sheets.

The unique properties of microfiber sheets make them ideal for use across multiple applications, and popular for many different preferences and practical applications. You can buy microfiber sheets online through, and many other reputable sites.

How to choose the right hot water system for your home

There are several types of hot water systems on the market, but how do you know which water heater fits your family’s needs? Water heaters account for up to 20% of your home’s annual energy use, so choosing the best one for your home is crucial for saving money. They can also help preserve the environment. So how do you choose the right hot water system for your home?

Before you decide on a hot water system for your home, it is important to know what types are available.

Types of Hot Water Systems

[] Solar Hot Water System – Expensive but it can greatly reduce your electric bills and lower the cost of heating water

[] Heat Pumps – An efficient way of heating water, which uses only 70% of the electricity that other electric water heaters use

[] Natural Gas Hot Water System – This has both storage capacity and continuous flow available

[] LPG Hot Water System – costs three times the price of natural gas or off-peak electricity for its running cost average.

[] Bio-Fuel Hot Water Systems – Fuel costs vary here; it can either be used alone or in combination with “off-peak electric /solar” systems within a constant pressure storage unit. This version is not to be used with main pressure systems without a “heat exchanger.”

[] Off-Peak Electric Hot Water Systems – In this system, the water is heated overnight and supplies enough hot water for the whole day, but can only be applied to storage systems with 160-litre capacity or greater.

[] Peak Electric Hot Water Systems – Used for continuous flow, and storage water heater with a capacity less than 160 liters and with a heat pump type of storage system

You can find out more about each of these hot water systems’ features online, and which are readily available in your area.

Selection Criteria

[] Fuel type – The fuel type and energy source used in water heating will affect cost, size and efficiency.

[] Availability – Make sure that the type of water heater system you want is readily available. Price will depend on availability.

[] Cost – Best to get an estimate of its annual operating costs and make a comparison.

[] Size – Consider the area in the home that the water heater is needed.

[] Energy efficiency – Know how efficient the water heater is before you buy. The higher its Star rating, the more energy efficient it is.

If you are unsure about this checklist, the following questions should help you in gathering information you need in choosing your water heater system.

[] How big is your household?

[] When and how do you use hot water?

[] How close are the areas that need access to water in your house?

[] Are you able to afford a new system, plus installation? Bear in mind that there are up-front costs and installation charges to be considered, as well as ongoing costs.

5 – Fool-proof ways to transform outdoor area into a cozy and functional space

Looking for guaranteed ways to turn your outdoor space into a relaxing and functional haven? Try any of these sure-fire ideas and you’ll be lounging in the outdoor retreat of your dreams in no time.

1. Transform Outdoor Area – Kitchen 

  • If you love sharing meals with friends and loved ones outdoors, adding a kitchen can be a great idea. However, if you can’t afford to splurge on fancy kitchen equipment at the moment, adding a countertop, storage and side burner is a great start.
  • If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor cooking experience, adding a sink and refrigerator can do wonders.

 2. Furnishings

  • It’s reassuring to know there are infinite choices available when it comes to outdoor furnishings. If, for instance, you are going for a modern look, integrating fixtures made from wrought and cast iron is an option you can try.
  • If you are seeking a more conservative feel, you can opt for more conventional options, such as wood. Also, you can easily inject charm and personality into your outdoor space by incorporating weatherproof tables and floor lamps in your design.


3. Transform Outdoor Area Outdoor Shade 

  • Even if you’re a bona fide sun worshipper, you will surely enjoy your outdoor space more if you have adequate relief from the sun whenever you want it.
  • Fortunately, there are numerous ways to achieve this objective. Options include using stationary umbrellas, installing outdoor awnings, and utilizing vine arbors.


4     Structures

  • If you want to add a luxurious ambiance to your outdoor sanctuary, a gazebo can be the perfect addition. Whether it’s set near a pool or attached to your deck, a gazebo is ideal for relaxing, dining, cooking and entertaining guests.
  • Also, if you plan to designate certain areas as activity zones, arbors can be particularly effective. They can also serve as transitions from one space to another.


5    Hot Tub

  • If you are in the mood to indulge yourself, consider adding a hot tub to your deck. Take into account access and privacy when deciding where to install your hot tub. Also, consider the measurements and dimensions of your space when looking for the ideal spot. Typically, a round tub will take up to 30 square feet, and is fully 6 feet in diameter.
  • Also, take into consideration additional room for walking and sitting around the tub when taking your measurements. In addition, keep in mind that a tub full of water will weigh around 2 tons, so make sure its foundation is sturdy.

Transforming your outdoor area into the ideal relaxation space isn’t exactly rocket science. With the right features and materials, you can easily create the inviting and functional retreat you always envisioned.

When Is the Best Time to Have Gutters Cleaned?

Cleaning gutters is the least favourite house chore that a lot of people would love to forget, but this is very important in keeping a safe and clean home. If you are not living near a forest, you still need to clean your gutters at least once or twice in a year.

The reason being is that if you let debris or dried leaves stay in there, the water will not properly drain and will lead to decay and growth of mildews and such. The leaves and other debris will rot in the gutter and adds more weight as well. This instance will lead to shortening the economic life of a gutter because of unnecessary moisture being trapped there.  This might sound like a simple problem, but it is not.

This is a costly problem which would involve hiring professionals to install and replace the old damaged gutters. Having a regular maintenance schedule in your roof can help in extending the lifespan of your gutter and roof.

In order to help you in gutters cleaned, here are some quick tips:

  1. Do not ignore cleaning the gutters.
  2. Make sure to get some safety materials prepared when you plan on cleaning the gutters.
  3. Make sure that your ladder is safe and steady enough for you to climb up the roof.
  4. Use a longer garden hose that can reach your roof with enough pressure to clean the gutters from dirt that has been sticking in there for a long time.
  5. Scoop debris and dirt that is hard for the high-pressured water hose to move. Do not use a metal scoop for safety reasons.
  6. Wear gloves when cleaning to protect your skin and hands from getting into the dirt that might have some microorganisms that might hard you.
  7. Make sure to protect your eyes.
  8. Wear rubber shoes or something that will help you from slipping when water passes.
  9. Unclog downspouts.
  10. Make sure that there are no blockages in your work area that might cause danger and safety hazard to you.

So what time of the year do you think would be the best to start cleaning your gutters? Believe it or not, the best time would be in the late fall where all the leaves have already fallen from the trees. Once you are done with cleaning your gutters, it is best to find ways to protect your roof gutters from the usual wear and tear.

Types and uses of retractable roofs

Have you noticed that some of your neighbors have open courtyards in the middle of their homes, which allow them to gaze at the stars at night from their own beds? Well, this is because they’ve had a retractable roof system installed.

Retractable roofs are a convenient way to provide shade and protection against the sun, wind and rain. Retractable roof systems are designed for both domestic and commercial purposes and come in different packages, including retractable awnings, pergolas, glass, rotating glass panels, and rotating aluminum panels.


This is the most basic kind of retractable roof. Its main purpose is to provide shade from the sun’s rays, and to protect against the rain. It also helps maintain a cooler feel, especially during the summer.

Full Retractable Glass

Did you know that glass windows, especially when positioned atop a house, can be rolled aside and make room for a large open area? Or, if you want to enclose a room temporarily, you can install retractable glass.

Rotating Glass Panels

These roof types are made of glass, as the name implies, and can be rotated sideways.

Rotating Aluminum Panels

This type of roof is made of aluminum panels, which can be rotated sideways like the glass panels. This produces an opaque effect.

Other benefits of retractable roofs include:

–          Flexibility and versatility

–          Functionality

–          Economical

–          Convenient

–          Decorative

–          A more comfortable living area for your patio or deck

–          Adds shade and keeps you cool

–          Saves energy, especially during summer time

Its shade keeps furniture from fading, which occurs when furniture is repeatedly exposed to sunlight. You can also build an extra room or partition through a clever use of retractable roofing.

So the next time you contemplate adding a feature that’s useful, versatile and will last, think about getting an attractive and practical retractable roof system.

For commercial purposes, an awning or other retractable roof system is a great way to help enhance both the appearance of your commercial property, and to make the most of the available space. You can choose from the following:

  • Folding arm and drop awning
  • Waterproof retractable roof
  • Retractable sun roof
  • Opaque blinds or retractable blackout blinds for a warehouse or property used for storage

So, if you are on the look-out for the perfect retractable roof for your home or business, find out more about the different types of retractable roof systems and find the one that’s best suited to your needs.