Tips to window coverings for sliding glass doors

There are many ideas for designing window coverings for sliding glass doors. Each homeowner is confident about his or her ability to do the job, however, an expert in this field can offer superior solutions.

Hence, it is advisable to consult a professional about sliding glass door maintenance. These experts are adept at meeting the needs of the homeowner with cost- effective and beautiful coverings. There are many types of window coverings for sliding glass doors. Selections are based on individual preferences, which is why window coverings are constructed of high-quality materials.

Problems such as sunlight and weather changes must be overcome through the use of window coverings. Even privacy and security features should be taken into account when choosing a window covering.

There are many kinds of window coverings, including curtains, blinds, shutters, shades, boarding, and solar screen shades. The material used for each is based on the preferences of the customer.

Both interior and exterior coverings are available for windows. Individuals must consider carefully the quality aspects of available materials before arriving at a decision. The beauty of their house also depends upon the type of covering material selected.

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Beside quality, many other important features of a covering material are given high importance. If there is a problem after installation, the homeowner often has no other choice but to live with it.

There are many ideas available online, which can help the homeowner develop a design plan with minimal trouble. Many users provide wonderful ideas based on their individual concepts.

There are also highly effective energy-saving covering materials on the market today. These can yield substantial electricity savings by allowing sunlight to filter through. Energy-efficient materials are well-suited to these windows, which also come in heat-resistant material.

Where to find Emco storm doors replacement parts?

Emco storm doors make a great addition to your home. These days, many people make use of these doors. I would say that if you are looking to get an Emco door, it will give your house the feel and design appeal that you want. The Emco door, and its component parts, can be purchased at any department store.

Most major department stores will have them available; if you are looking for specific types of replacement parts, then you might have to look a bit harder.  However, nine times out of 10 you can find your Emco storm door parts at any department store.

When you seek out Emco replacement parts, be certain that you are getting the right one for your door so you don’t have to return them. If you know which one you need, it should be easy to find and you should have little trouble installing it yourself. But if you aren’t sure which one you need, or which one parts are the ones that fit your door, you can always ask a consultant at the store.

What are the best curtains for sliding glass doors?

In today’s market, there are a great number of curtains for sliding glass doors, so you can be sure of having a choice between traditional variants, which don’t go out of style, and rather sophisticated alternatives, such as vertical blinds of sliding panels.

Most homeowners tend to choose insulated curtains for sliding doors. They are specially designed from thermal materials and ensure reasonably high levels of energy efficiency.

This is why they are referred to as thermal drapes. During cold months, homeowners face increasing heating bills due to heat loss as the temperature outside becomes colder than the temperature inside your home. And if you have glass doors, you can be sure that heat will leave your house through the glass.

These thermal curtains will hold the heat, making your room comfortable during winter months and cool during summer months. These curtains have many uses and are able to maintain not only the proper temperature in your house, but also  your privacy.

In addition to these features, sliding glass doors enhance your room’s décor. Why not save money on your heating bills, over the long haul? This is why insulated drapes are the best alternative for sliding doors.

If you believe that this traditional variant is not for you, you can choose sliding panel curtains. They offer a number of advantages, including flexibility and precise control of the amount of light entering the room.

Wondering what’s the best way to hang drapes over sliding glass doors? There is an easy way out: purchase curtains, curtain rods and special holders. You can hang a rod on holders and then attach the curtains. As a rule, there are different ways to mount the holders, but it is better to choose the most traditional method, which is to lay it on holders and snap into place.

When it comes to ideas for sliding glass door curtains, choose the idea that best suits your needs, design and budget.

World class honeycomb shades

Do you like to have world-class window coverings of your house? If your answer is yes, honeycomb shades are your choice for your house windows. These shades give you the expected elegance and glow to your house without slight fall. The main advantages of these shades are presence of pleated fabric and filtering property. Continue reading World class honeycomb shades

How to install the perfect dog door for sliding glass doors

Almost half of all homeowners have dogs. However, owning a dog comes with its own particular requirements. If you install a dog door in your sliding glass door, you’ll find that pet ownership is much easier. This type of door has substantial advantages for both owner and pet.

A key benefit is that you don’t have to worry about placing a hole in your sliding glass door. All you need to do is insert a built-in door that has a full-sized panel on the inside. This type of door is also portable, meaning that you can transport you pet with relative ease without having to worry about how to provide them with access.  Dog doors can also be locked, thus keeping your pet inside and out of danger.

dog door for glass doors

Buying the right dog door for sliding glass doors

With a wide variety of available options, choosing the ideal dog door may seem a daunting task but with a bit of research, you’ll be able to make the right decision. Dog doors come in different sizes, so your choice should be based on the size of your dog. Generally, dog doors range from 5 inches by 8 inches, to about 13 inches by 23 inches for big dogs. The sizing of the dog door should be done roughly two inches above the dog’s shoulder.

Doggie door for sliding glass

There is no limitation – dog doors can be fitted in many places and in a variety of materials, including steel, windows, wood, glass doors, brick and stucco. There are many kinds of dog doors that can be installed in sliding glass doors, so you should carefully evaluate the needs that govern your particular situation.

Knowing models, available product features, options and sizes can help you identify the dog door that best meets your needs. Materials will vary, depending on the habits of your dog.  For instance, a bite-proof door should be considered for dogs that are fond of chewing.

dog door for glass doors

There are many kinds of sliding glass dog doors that can maintain the safety of your home. There is a risk of home intrusion, so the dog door should be installed in ways that minimize this danger. They can be locked, swing inward or outward, or in both directions.

Pet Doors For Sliding Glass Doors Patio

Why you need a cat door for your sliding glass door

Are you a pet lover looking for a cat door to install in your sliding glass door? Then you’re at the right place. Many people presume that it is difficult to find such an obscure item.

The truth is, these types of doors do exist. They are designed to fit the needs of the pet owner who has a sliding glass door and seeks a convenient means for managing their pet. The advantage of these doors is that they are not just another pet entrance. Instead, they are well secured, energy efficient and possess desirable aesthetic qualities. They have greatly revolutionized the way pet owners view pet doors.

cat door for sliding glass door2

As a pet owner, you need not worry about style and design, because a cat door for sliding glass doors is impeccably designed and styled. They are durable, attractive, and built with top-quality materials. Pet stores believe that these are among the finest quality manual pet doors on the market today.

To ensure that the door you select is ideal for your home as well as your cat, there are at least ten attractive styles for you to choose from. These also come with mounting options. Regardless of your cat’s size or age, you can easily find a cat door that fits your door for sliding glass door


The cat door for sliding glass doors comes in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. They are also available in automatic, electric, or manual doors. There is also a secure pet entrance with a waterproof collar receiver, which you can program.

These options may be a bit more expensive than others, but in terms of quality they are unsurpassed. If you are looking for more affordable cat doors that fit your budget, you will not be disappointed.

If you want to give your pet freedom to roam and enjoy the outdoors, then this is the cat door for you. The cat door for sliding glass doors is the next big thing in the pet industry.

How to make your own burlap door hangers

By now, everyone has seen those beautiful burlap door hangers that grace so many homes. Whether homemade or store bought, they are a cheery sight on anyone’s door.

To make your own burlap door hangers, you will need:

  • Burlap
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Tracing paper or baking paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Paint – Acrylic or spray paint will do. Slick paint can come in handy.
  • Stuffing
  • Thin floral wire

First, use tracing paper to draw an outline of the shape you want. (If you’re feeling adventurous, you can print out an image on your computer and use that for your outline.)

Next, place the outline on top of the burlap and hold it in place using the tape. Carefully cut the burlap using your outline to guide you. Repeat the process so that you have two identical pieces of burlap cut-outs. You can hold the two pieces of burlap together with a pin or staple, allowing you to make two cut outs at a time. You might decide to do this if you’re doing several door hangers as gifts for the holidays.

Using the acrylic paints, decorate the burlap to your liking. You can paint the burlap a base color, then add a decorative color on top. This can be done using slick paints. To make creative designs, make cut-outs on the tracing paper, then place the paper on the burlap and apply the spray paint. The process should be repeated for the other piece of burlap.

Next, attach the two pieces of burlap using the hot glue gun. Line the edge of one piece with glue and place the second piece on top of it and allow it to dry. Leave an opening unglued to facilitate stuffing.

Stuff the ornament until full. There are many options for stuffing, such as newspapers, plastic paper bags, strips of cloth, pillow stuffing, even tissue paper will work. Keep in mind the climate in your area, and on which door your hanger will be placed. Note: You don’t want to stuff the door hanger with tissue paper if it’s going to be hanging outdoors in spring.


Seal the opening using your hot glue gun. Pass the floral wire through the bag to create a hook. A nice touch would be to pin a ribbon to it. And there you go; your burlap door hanger is done! You can do this as an activity with your kids and have them make their own hangers. They also make a great gift for family and friends.

Benefits of sliding mirror closet doors

Sliding mirror closet doors are one of the best ways to enlarge and brighten your room. They are especially good at brightening your entry hall when used with your entry hall closet.

These closet doors are designed with mirrors that create an illusion of bigger space. Therefore, your room or the entry hall looks bigger when you install this type of closet door.

They come with a kit which makes it easy for you to install them, thus avoiding the cost that comes with hiring a workman to do the work for you. It helps that sliding doors are easier to install than the bi-fold version; in fact, you just need a precise sizing of the door opening and drywall jambs.

Compared to other doors, sliding mirror closet doors are affordable. Its cost ranges from a minimum of $70 to $500. In order to span your floor space, an 8- foot flat tall mirrored version can be used.

Types of sliding mirror closet doors:

Here are several types of sliding mirror closet doors, which are currently available:

  • Sliding door mirrored closet doors  – Doors from this manufacturer can be ordered or customized. These doors have mirrors which are in sailing to floor designs. Alternatively, they can be placed in several panels, and they are framed with steel or wood with various finishes.

Ram track mirrored closet doors – These doors have seamless edges, which make the closet look like a mirrored wall addition. Their frames protect the doors from cracking and are available in 19 different finishes. Finishes include ivory, brass and chrome, and come in white and gold. They also have ant jump mechanisms.

Kestrel mirror closet doors – This variation on the sliding mirrored closest doors possesses LEED features. These are mainly for maximizing the environmental benefits of combining glass and wood. With this type of closet door, mirrors are framed with premium solid hardwood. Kestrel is a type of mirrored door, which can be customized to match the style of your house.

Finally, make sure that your sliding mirror closet doors have a jump proof rolling mechanism. This will prevent the doors from rolling and causing cracks.

Benefits of sliding mirror closet doors Fort Glass Mirrored Closet Doors mirror biford closed door Italian style The Crystal mirror sliding closet doors mirror sliding doors sliding chrome mirror closet doors

Give your home a new look with bi-fold closet doors

Most people tend to believe that bi-fold closet doors contain panels that swing out. The truth is these doors have two panels that are fixed to the hinges, causing them to swing out. The door’s panel refolds, allowing the closet to be entered from either side.

No matter the shape or size of your closet, bi-fold closet doors can be tailored to fit. They are purchased in pairs, which is why they are called “bi-fold” and come in multiple colors and styles, so you can easily blend them into your home décor.  Flexibility and visual appeal make this a wise investment for your home.

Where to place bi-fold closet doors?

  1. Ideal for your bedrooms

Bi-fold closet doors can fit well into the design of your bedrooms. There are flat panels, mirrored, raised and louvered closet panels that can be perfectly fitted and adapted to the style of your bedroom design. Bedroom bi-fold closet doors are usually larger, due to storage space that is typical of many bedroom closets. Any of these bi-fold closet door styles can accommodate your spacing and storage needs.

  1. Ideal for any room in the house

Bi-fold closet doors need not be limited to bedrooms. They look spectacular everywhere, even in your kitchen or your home’s main doorway. Their size is readily adaptable to both space/size and location, giving you considerable design flexibility in any room.


  1. Mirrored

These are elegant and stylish, with a wide range of impressively designed bi-fold doors for any room in your home. These doors can dramatically improve the look of your home. Mirrored versions of closet doors are so popular in bedrooms that they are specifically designed for the bedroom. Installing bi-fold closet mirrored doors is a great way to eliminate the expense of a dressing table or room; you can use the mirror while dressing. These doors look great in the sitting room, dining room and play rooms.

closed door closed door closed doors Fort Glass Mirrored Closet Doors mirror biford closed door

Elegant and functional window treatments for sliding glass doors, coverings and shades

Using glass doors in your home is definitely a great way to allow sunlight to permeate your home as you delight in the views of your home’s exterior.  Nevertheless, sliding glass doors can become unsightly if not correctly adorned with a suitable window treatment.

Luckily, there are numerous window treatments for sliding glass doors, coverings, and shades that you can choose from. Today, decorating your sliding glass doors has never been easier.

Here are a few fashionable sliding glass door window treatments, coverings and shades that will ensure your privacy and enhance the appeal of your home’s interior décor.

Curtains: This is probably the most frequently used window treatment. They can be used to conceal sliding glass doors, and come with high levels of insulation, which is important for moderating sunlight.

Frequently occurring light-blocking and insulation complications can be easily addressed with beautiful and well-designed curtains. These come in an array of  sizes, designs, shapes and colors. Therefore, you have the opportunity to select a curtain fabric that will complement the decorative look of your room.

Shutters: Today, there are shutters as tall as sliding glass doors. Inner shutters are a sophisticated and fashionable way of dressing up sliding glass doors. They may be a little more costly than vertical blinds, but their sophisticated and exclusive appearance makes them a popular choice among fashion-sensitive homeowners. They are usually made of wood, but today they come in a variety of sustainable materials.

Cellular Shades: Characteristically made from cloth paper, these shades are among the most elegant window treatments on the market. They are fitted on a track, and frequently come in a single piece. They stack gracefully to the right or left side of the slider, and can be made from materials with reflective edges, which are used to shield your home from excessive heat buildup and sunlight. The main problem with this type of window treatment is that it tends to be extremely delicate.

Carefully assess these window treatments for sliding glass doors to determine which one will look amazing on your sliding glass doors, and serve you well with superior efficiency.

 sliding glass doors  sliding glass doors  sliding glass doors  sliding glass doors  sliding glass doors  sliding glass doors