Precautionary tips regarding Cardinal shower doors

Like any other product, some people use Cardinal shower doors in inappropriate and unintended ways. It is very important to obey the precautionary tips meant to ensure that Cardinal shower doors are used as designed. This article offers an overview of some of the most egregious “don’ts.”

To begin with, it is imperative to understand that Cardinal shower doors are meant to ensure that no leaks appear under conditions of normal use. If excessive pressure is applied, the shower doors may indeed leak, but this doesn’t mean that the shower is not working properly.

Avoid washing your bathroom with the spray nozzle, since this may apply excessive pressure. For example, if children throw water at each other in the bathroom, the door may not withstand the pressure may come out.

Also, it is imperative to avoid using towel bars or handlers as grab bars, since this may cause substantial damage. Many people use these bars as supports when leaving the shower or tub, which is virtually guaranteed to result in damage, and possibly injury.

The towel bar or handler is not strong enough to support your weight. It is especially important to warn children not to use the towel bar in this way.

Avoid using abrasives when cleaning your Cardinal shower doors. Although abrasives are quite useful and have become very popular as cleaning material, it is essential to avoid using them as they can do tremendous damage to your Cardinal shower door.

Whenever possible, try to avoid using acid-based cleaners in your Cardinal shower. These tips, if followed, will guarantee that your shower door will function as intended and provide years of service.

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