Costco laminate flooring at a glance

In recent times, flooring types have become very important for homeowners who demand variety and beauty. Everyone looks for flooring that is highly attractive, stylish, durable and comfortable to walk on. Costco laminate flooring, which possesses all of these qualities, is a very popular option for people looking to give their home a look that is at once modern and homey.

Costco laminate is a type of flooring comprised of multiple layers compressed under high pressure, which mimics either hard wood or stone in texture and outlook. The bottom layer lies next to the floor and is moisture resistant, which helps prevent board warping and creates a solid foundation. It is often referred to as the backing layer.

Costco laminate flooring

The next layer of Costco laminate flooring is the tough fiberboard inner core layer. It is the stability layer, and is often treated with resin to boost its moisture resistance. Next is the image layer, which comes in unique and alluring designs. This topmost layer is meant to give the impression of real hardwood and instills the natural look that so many homeowners crave.

Compared to other types of flooring

The Costco laminate flooring has many advantages over the other flooring options:

First of all, this type of flooring is very inexpensive to install, yet it instills the same natural look of real hardwood or stone flooring.

Secondly, this flooring is very kind to the feet. The insulating property of this flooring’s material makes it feel warm and eminently comfortable.

Lastly, Costco laminate is highly resistant to scratches and wear, which makes it a durable addition to any house.

Costco laminate flooring price