Great ideas for a master bathroom

The master bathroom is the most intimate and personal room in the home; decorating this important space offers limitless possibilities.  If you have established a theme or if you have a color set determined for your design, that’s a good start.  Here is a compilation of excellent design concepts for your master bathroom.

Bold blue theme

A bold, strong color evinces a strong character or personality.  Bold blue makes a strong statement, and adding large, geometric shapes can help modify the color and lends balance to the overall design.

Aqua colors are also considered to be a strong color.

Shabby chic

There are a number of accents that can be added. Playing with the white background by adding curtains, intricate design features and lace can enhance the overall effect.  A dramatic feel can be achieved by recycling the tub, and by adding crystal lighting fixtures and a tinge of solid chocolate brown paint to the walls.

Bringing out sophistication and style

A more sophisticated design can be achieved by combining marbled floors and wooden walls with lofty architecture.

Creating a multi-hued design

Determining the proper combination of colors can be fun, though it can be tricky when using multiple hues in your design palette.  It takes a good designer’s eye to get it right.

A touch of pink

Pink is strongly evocative of femininity.  For single women, why not color your walls with a moderate shade of pink, accented by dark of solid elements to balance the theme?


Of stripes and lines

A judicious use of lines can have the effect of making a room look large or small.  Introducing this geometric element can help break up spaces and emphasize a classic or eclectic style.

 Farmhouse-style baths

A playful and unexpected feel can be evoked through a mixed application of bright colors and patterns.  One notable effect is to create the impression of staying in a barn!

A touch of fab and glam

You can even glamorize your bathroom by adopting a Hollywood-inspired approach, featuring famous themes from Tinseltown.

Classic white

White is the color of purity, but an all-white room can seem sterile or institutional. Adding a tinge of color, or gold accents, into an all-white bathroom infuses it with a classic design.

There are countless designs and color combinations to choose from, with materials and other features available to add to your concept. Pick a theme, use your personal creativity and make it work!  Happy designing!