Mondo Rubber Flooring for a healthier body and environment

Mondo is one of the biggest names in flooring equipment and materials. These products are famous for sports facilities. In the past nine Olympic Games, Mondo rubber flooring has been used mainly to provide for the safety of athletes during events.

Mondo rubber flooring brings safety and environmental responsibility to their products. According to studies, Mondo products play a crucial role in maintaining clean, healthy air in indoor facilities.

In most cases, rubber is not an item one would associate with good health; however, the company has done extensive research on this common substance and modified it to produce an exquisite look, while maintaining environmental safety. Tests conducted on Mondo rubber flooring products indicate that they are safe for inhalation. The company boasts more than 60 years of experience in developing flooring products.

Their dedication to environmentally friendly and durable flooring products has made it a household name. There is a wide range of products to choose from, and a variety of different designs.

Some of their indoor flooring products include Ramflex, Advance, MondoFlex and MondoSport. Mondo’s outdoor products don’t disappoint either. These include  MondoTurf and Super X, to name a few.

As a client, you are guaranteed excellent product for any sporting need. The company’s rigorous research and product developments make it one of the best manufacturers of sport flooring products.

Mondo’s rubber flooring products can be used in training rooms to avoid skidding and improve safety during exercises. Colored and speckled rolls and tiles are available, some have team logos and decorations, adding value and enhancing their appearance. (Before buying, please compare price from different sites and manufacturers, they may be variable +-.)