Number one kitchen design

Facilitating your home with a number one kitchen design can be the most rewarding gifts you can give yourself and your family.  As the heart of your home, your kitchen is where late-night talks, homework sessions, and casual celebrations happen naturally. It’s where memories are made.

Don’t worry, a number one kitchen design does not need to be large to make it a place where family and friends gathered. It is just taking the space that you have and making the most of it.  As long as your kitchen are comfortable and efficient and if a little bit of luxury can be added, then all will be better.

one kitchen design

But where should we start? The ideas and suggestions below will help you make that perfect number one new kitchen happen:

  1. Take a long look at what you have already and then determine how best to use all the available space in order for it to become your dream kitchen.
  2. Get a pen and paper then start designing your new kitchen; consider what style of kitchen you want and decide the color scheme
  3. Remember certain basic principles such as do not place the cooker too near to the sink
  4. Plan around an oddly shaped kitchen. There are three main types of kitchen shapes: the U shape, the L shape, and the G shape.
  5. Make a comfortable working height. It is hassle to climb up on a step ladder every time you want something from the top of a cupboard.
  6. Ensure you have adequate storage; either you need a display cabinet for any special china or you need a broom cupboard to store the vacuum cleaner and floor washing equipment. Make a list to ensure that you can store your equipments.
  7. Choose the right worktops. It can be natural wood, marble, or granite. Your budget will pay a big part to decide what to choose.
  8. Decide what appliances you must have in your kitchen. Naturally you will need room for a washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator and cooker, but consider the size that you need.

kitchen designs ideas


Make the right choices the first time around and you will have a kitchen that will put a smile on your face and definitely impress your family and friends.