waterford crystal patterns

Waterford crystal patterns

Waterford crystal patterns had been popular since years ago for its beauty and luxury. Nowadays, these kinds of patterns had been very vintage and classic that it indeed also adds glamorous feelings towards it. Waterford crystal patterns are used in many kinds of glass ware, from glasses, bowls, until vases. Waterford crystal patterns themselves, have many kinds of patterns that have their own dignity and luxury. Want to know more about them, here we go!

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The first one is the Irish Lace. For you who want to have a sparkling celebration of an artistic tradition, this Irish Lace is the perfect Waterford crystal pattern for it is woven with fine crystal cuts. The Irish Lace Vase has been treasured for its delicate exquisite beauty inspired by the designs of Irish lace. The complex pattern of diamond cuts exudes sparkle, fan cuts and crisscross wedge cuts celebrate the artistry of lace making.

Want to know the most enduring crystal-cut in history? Lismore it is. Lismore has been Waterford’s most loved collection for its beauty and elegance. This Waterford crystal pattern has been over 60 years for it is first launched in 1952 in which this is the only one remained design from that period.

Waterford Kildare Stemware

Most girls would likely to love this Irish Colleen Waterford crystal pattern for it holds a charm as bewitching and as magical as fair as girl’s loveliness. Colleen is a striking collection of classic, stylish pieces that resonate with all the tradition, authenticity and heritage of Waterford for it is distinctive in its olive and diamond cuts. This Colleen Waterford crystal pattern is best suited for any seductive perfume bottle that will add a more seductive feeling towards it.

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Colleen, The Gaelic word for young lass, is often heard in tender ballads, sweetly sung by Irish tenors at taverns the country over. Colleen also has the richness of paneled walls and opulent interiors – there is a special Luminescence to this cut. The intricate diamond cutting is offset by gracefully fluted ovals, with a close diamond pattern on the buttoned stem.

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