Ikea Dry Erase Board

Why should you buy Ikea glass dry erase board?

When it comes to buying high quality home gadgets at reasonable prices, Ikea is the one name that comes to mind for millions of shoppers. Whether at home or the office, the Ikea dry erase board is a very popular and useful tool.

From personal note boards to wall coverings, and from custom to industrial applications, the Ikea glass dry erase board can be useful for nearly everyone. It is ideal for recording a permanent template or grid for a weekly work schedule, or for maintaining a calendar.

There are many kinds of dry erase boards

Essentially, an Ikea glass dry erase board is a white note board that can be erased with a dry tissue or any soft material, such as a paper towel or cloth and board eraser. It is so lightweight that you can hang it easily on any wall.

It can be affixed to using simple double-sided tape. Schools, hospitals, businesses and many other places use the Ikea dry erase board because anything written down using a grid or template can be erased and updated easily.

The Ikea glass dry erase board has a number of advantages: it is lightweight, white, and is easy to write on. Its markers come in many colors, and it is resistant to dust or other kinds of residue.

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  1. Please provide information regarding the board in the picture above.
    Is it glass? it is 2 layers so a piece of paper can slide between it or is it just 1 layer? Dimensions? How do you fix it to the wall? Price? Price to buy bilk?

    Many thanks

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