Window Solar Screens

Window solar screens are very effective window treatments which you can use to lower your energy bills. This is achieved through the prevention of heat transfer through windows and doors, while compromising the integrity of your view.

Interior products such as window film or awnings do not match the energy efficiency of the solar shade screen. The 90% shade factor solar screen is the best choice, because it is a PVC-coated polyester material that’s pet resistant. Darker colors are more effective and efficient and afford the best view. Nonetheless, there are a variety of different colors which you can choose from, depending on what best suits your needs and preferences.

When deciding which doors or windows to cover, the recommended order of priority is as follows: cover all east- and west-facing windows, then cover all the window that face south. It is not recommended that your north windows be covered due to the amortization on the window screens. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

Window solar screens are quite easy to set up on the exterior surface of almost any window, though you should never use frames from an existing insect screen because they are considerably heavier than insect screens. Ultimately, the insect screen frame isn’t capable of supporting heavier materials.

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A majority of companies will make use of this framing since it makes their products less expensive and thereby more competitive. However, in reality, making use of these types of materials will shorten the lifespan of the product to a great extent and will not serve the customer well. You should always insist on the 1’’ frame. Overall, the best frame is composed of extruded aluminum as compared to the roll-formed frame.

One of the key benefits of window solar screens is that they will function well  regardless of whether the windows are closed or open. They can be removed during winter in order to allow sunshine in. Keep them in place during the winter because its fabric has the added advantage of decreasing the effects of wind chill across the surface of your window and, thus, reducing heat loss. Remember that heat will constantly seek a cooler atmosphere.

Other benefits include carpet, drape and curtain fading, as well as insect protection whenever windows are open. Furthermore, since window solar screens don’t come into contact with the glass, this helps extend the durability of the insulated glass that’s on the windows by not allowing an increase of searing heat that can result in broken window seals.

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