Considering Engineered Wood Flooring For Your Home? Check The Pros And Cons!

For the uninitiated, engineered wood flooring is made up of layers, with a solid hardwood top. If you are replacing the flooring of your home, you may want to consider this as an alternative to hardwood or cork flooring. Below is a quick take on the pros and cons.

The pros

  • If you talk to wood flooring specialists, many may recommend engineered flooring, mainly because it can resist damages caused by temperature and moisture changes. In case hardwood doesn’t seem like a good choice, this is certainly a better choice.
  • In terms of aesthetics, it is hard to beat the beauty of engineered flooring. There are a vast number of choices, which can fit and work with varied interior themes and décor. Don’t shy away from seeking more options from your dealer.
  • Durability is never compromised in case of engineered flooring. Some of the high-end materials have additional coatings, which prolongs the life of the flooring considerably, keeping needs of contemporary homes in mind.
  • With engineered flooring, installation is an easy thing. The flooring can be easily nailed or glued on almost any surface, and the work can be completed within the same day, depending on the size of the room.
  • In a way, engineered flooring is also environment friendly, because you are reducing the dependency on solid wood, which comes from exotic trees. Many manufacturers even use materials from sustainable forests, which add to the benefits.

  • Warranty on engineered flooring can be a great highlight too. In most cases, you can expect to get at least a decade warranty on the material, while many sellers even offer more, depending on the product.

On the flip side

Well, engineered flooring cannot be refinished more than a couple of times, which can be a disadvantage of sorts. Some dealers and manufacturers don’t always sell the best quality materials, so selecting the right company is also important. The initial costing can be a tad high, although this depends on the quality of the flooring.

There is no denying that engineered flooring is pretty awesome for modern homes. If you have a good seller and installation service, you can get the entire work done in just a couple of days. Just get an estimate in advance, and don’t shy away from asking questions related to quality, warranty, and installation. Also, do check the cleaning and maintenance suggestions, which can increase the lifespan of the flooring.

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