Get Supreme Functionality and Aesthetics with Tilt-and-Turn Windows

In general, any modern window would improve your home’s energy efficiency, security, and appearance, but functionality and style differ from window to window.

Originating in Germany many decades ago, tilt-and-turn windows have been providing both homeowners and business owners with superior window functionality, as well as a unique style that you wouldn’t be able to get with any other window type. The following details some of the most impressive features of the tilt-and-turn style window and what you can expect when purchasing them for your home.

Dual Functionality

Of course, the number one thing that separates these windows from the others is their dual functionality, which is explained in the name itself.

On the one hand, tilt-and-turn windows can swing outward like a door, completely opening up the room to the outside air. On the other hand, the top sash of the window tilts outward, allowing the room to ventilate without letting in a forceful breeze. A single handle controls both functions, so operating these windows is extremely simple and straightforward.

Double-Glazing and Compression Seal

You can buy tilt-and-turn windows with a double glazing that improves energy efficiency, noise insulation, and security, but this feature is available for most windows. Tilt-and-turn windows stand out with their compression sealing system, which differs from other windows using a sliding seal. The compression seal is more air tight, which means you are reducing air leakage and maximising both noise and thermal insulation.

Many tilt-and-turn windows contain between two and four seals, and in addition to being more air tight, these types of seals don’t wear as quickly as some of the others.

Hidden Hinges and Sashes

With tilt-and-turn windows, homeowners can take a more minimalistic approach to their home’s features. These windows often lack grilles and other distracting hardware, ensuring a cleaner look, and many of these are crafted in a way that hides both the hinges and the sashes from those looking at the windows from the outside.

With that in mind, tilt-and-turn windows are excellent for modern homes and buildings that require a simpler look. From the outside, it looks just like a fixed window, but on the inside, it is fully operable.

Match Your Home with the Perfect Colour

Another aesthetic advantage is the ability to choose from different finishes and colours. An affordable, yet effective, approach is to go with uPVC, which is cost effective, energy efficient, and highly flexible. uPVC can accurately mimic aluminium or wood, but it can also be coloured in many different ways. Some of your colour options would include:

  • White
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Nut tree
  • Golden oak

The ability to choose between colours allows you to find windows that accurately match your home’s style. Your window suppliers will walk you through all of the options and help you make more informed decisions, and they will typically assist with the installation in one way or another. Since every home is different, you can expect your windows to be made according to your exact specifications, size requirements, and colour preferences.

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